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  2. 2 years ago

    Hey Lemming could you also post the rotation and flux in here too?? Thanks

  3. Godly

    1 Oct 2015 Administrator
    Edited last year by Godly

    Map rotation
    January : Isle of Weeping Stone→Uncharted Isle→Druid's Isle→Burning Isle→Warrior's Isle

    February : Isle of Wurms→Isle of Jade→Isle of Meditation→Imperial Isle→Druid's Isle

    March : Burning Isle→Frozen Isle→Warrior's Isle→Isle of Solitude→Uncharted Isle

    April : Isle of the Dead→Isle of Solitude→Imperial Isle→Isle of Wurms→Isle of Jade

    May : Isle of Wurms→Imperial Isle→ Isle of Meditation→Warrior's Isle→Frozen Isle

    June : Isle of Weeping Stone→Isle of Jade→Warrior's Isle→Uncharted Isle→Imperial Isle

    July : Burning Isle→Isle of Wurms→ Uncharted Isle→Nomad's Isle→Isle of Solitude

    August : Isle of the Dead→Warrior's Isle→ Corrupted Isle→Frozen Isle→Isle of Meditation

    September : Isle of Solitude→Druid's Isle→ Corrupted Isle→Isle of Weeping Stone→Uncharted Isle

    October : Isle of Meditation→Uncharted Isle→ Isle of Jade→Isle of Solitude→Isle of the Dead

    November : Corrupted Isle→Imperial Isle→ Nomad's Isle→Isle of Meditation→Isle of Jade

    December : Burning Isle→Druid's Isle→ Warrior's Isle→Uncharted Isle→Frozen

    Credits to TJ

    Flux cycle at here: http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Flux

  4. Nice summary Lem, thanks a lot !

  5. good job :)

  6. Edited last year by Reed

    Some VODs that I still have links for...

    QQ vs EW - Celestial Tournament (thanks to Axiom)

    QQ vs vD - Scrimmage

    rawr vs KMD - Spike Metagame

    oh and the below has working highlights from games in GWFC / GWFC S3 / GWFC S2

    Edit - Hmm found some more...
    GWFC DVD - p1

    GWFC DVD - p2

    GWFC DVD -p3

    Some more that I have made public on my youtube as couldn't find the original links.

    Highlights - vD September 2007 mAT

    Highlights - DF October 2007 mAT

    rawr vs Sink - December 2007 mAT (rawr vent recording incl)

    rawr vs STS - July 2009 mAT (rawr vent recording incl)

  7. Godly

    2 Oct 2015 Administrator

    Wow, very nice reed. Gotta download them all to preserve history.

  8. That post is gold. Thanks a bunch!

  9. Reed

    10 Oct 2015 Member
    Edited 2 years ago by Reed

    hmm also found this

    GWWC - WM vs LuM - Druids Isle

    Other game I saw on his channel that interested me is from GWVersus

    EvIL vs Te - Warriors Isle

    Edit - Also found another game taken from GWVersus on another YT channel

    EvIL vs Wi - GWFC - S2 playoffs

  10. sync

    13 Oct 2015 Member

    You can add mine to the list, will try to stream in coming days to see if it works with my current connection.
    If I won't stream I might just upload recordings to my youtube channel.


    link to youtube playlist, its hidden so will only open with this link:

  11. This thread needs some comic relief:


  12. Godly

    24 Oct 2015 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by Godly

    Some old videos from past, I bet some people here haven't seen those yet!

    Edit, Actually that one channel had those included. I still leave these in case some people missed, really classic part of history :)

  13. I am streaming now.


  14. [deleted]

    4 Nov 2015
    Deleted 2 years ago by Lemstar
  15. holye

    20 Nov 2015 Moderator
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    You're quite aggressive when you're drunk xD

  16. Godly

    20 Nov 2015 Administrator

    Yea especially to Lem <3

    Also @holye if you would play in DW, you would understand why I need to drink this much while playing :)

  17. last year


    6 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Updated opening post: made sections, updated guilds & added @Ali as new streamer.

  18. holye

    18 Dec 2015 Moderator


    Move Reed to active streamer or whats the criteria?

  19. Godly

    19 Dec 2015 Administrator

    ^that he streams active :)

    Need to check with whole OP after monthly.

  20. Reed

    19 Dec 2015 Member

    I personally wouldn't add me to active streamer. Given that I'm not active and often forget to stream :P

  21. Found some videos from Winterfest with commentary under the below;


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