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  2. 9 months ago

    Today's C-AT Matches in [rip] as flagger :

    I will be recording and uploading all the AT/mAT games I play and post them here, if people are interested.

  3. Forgot one game:

  4. Edited 9 months ago by Luv

    Yesterday's C-AT: (only one game cuz I've only been able to play one)

    Bunch of fails, gave up knights for free
    Bonus: Ali getting solo'd to something, you guess what :D

  5. @Luv Bonus


  6. pipi vs wA (earth)

  7. Godly

    6 Jun 2016 Administrator

    Looks like gw needs more streamers/recorders. From my observation it's pretty rare there's even single match on observe from daily AT. Mostly we can thank syncers for this.

    Thus, I'll stream/record this month more and try to be more active. I need place to guest though, my guild only plays on Sundays. I'm online 24/7, I answer if I happen to be there. I can guest to any guild other than known botters. Hit me up before C-AT. Ign: very nice very nice

  8. Yay!

  9. Today's C-AT games in [rip], playing PoD mesmer:

    rip vs vZ

    rip vs HH (scrimmage, 7v8 tho)

    rip vs HH (C-AT final game)

    (it will be up in like 2 hours if you see this message now)

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    Great to see all these recordings
    For anyone that's interested and doesn't already know, I also record games and try to put the interesting ones in this channel:

  11. Funny comeback from what looked like a desperate situation :P

  12. @Luv Funny comeback from what looked like a desperate situation :P

    That was awesome.

  13. sympasympa

  14. @Luv Funny comeback from what looked like a desperate situation :P

    Obsed this in game and almost cried watching them play. They got you dpd and kept running around after you for no reason. Also they went for the same lord rush "trick" TWICE in same match. Guess bots wont make you smarter yet...

  15. 7 months ago


    4 Aug 2016 Administrator
    Edited 7 months ago by Godly

    Updated opening post a bit.


    • Map rotation link to OP(for lazy people).
    • Flux cycle link to OP.
    • List of Guides.
    • Active streamer/recorder section.
    • Added Luv.
    • Added TJ youtube channel.

    Who qualifies to be active? Person who streams/records more than once a month.

    What I still need: information who plays where(guild) and who I'm missing from the list, since I haven't been following GW things so much lately. Same deal if I have made any mistakes at OP, free to point those out and I will fix it.

    Also since we have this Streaming / recent recordings thread now, keep this thread only as information thread.

  16. Random japanese channel I found today:

    YM vs YMCA (smiteway vs DF Honor) mAT final

    Polly's Me/N

    Team Vega [Goth]

  17. @TJ ; Random japanese channel I found today:

    Polly's Me/N

    Team Vega [Goth]

    How'd you find those two videos? They're not linked from the channel.

    Shame Ruca and the rest stopped playing a while ago. We had a number of fun matches with them. They'd run non-meta stuff (Shield of Regeneration etc and we in EDGE would go BYOB with hench :) ). But the ladder restrictions (can't get matches vs the same X guilds) combined with Anet's changes to PvP (causing syncers to not enter vs non-syncers) killed off ladder.

  18. I found a useful guide on monking / flag running.

  19. Godly

    23 Aug 2016 Administrator

    ^Lol nice one, that was pretty good.

  20. 6 months ago
    Edited 6 months ago by Magicstar

    im looking for very old videos one was involved the korean guild named the empire of balthazar [viki] playing gvg back in 2005. i saw this videos once on old teamquitter on youtube but dunno where they are now . maybe someone still got the links ?

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