[WORK] Reform for December

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    26 Oct 2016 Moderator

    Hello all!

    I'm pleased to announce that [WORK] will be returning for December! While it is a month premature, I do want to let the community that we will be returning and are excited to contribute to the GvG community once more!

    Please stay tuned for additional details during November - it is a pleasure to do battle against you all once more!

  2. Ali

    26 Oct 2016 Member

    Wb Holye

  3. wb demizurrie

  4. So far list is Ace, Holye, Tab (we have a few others in mind but not sure if they are down yet)

    If you are interested in this let one of us know, also we will need a ally if anyone has a spot in theres.
    thanks guys!

  5. No one cares about your shit guild.

    Hai hoyle!

  6. Rude!!!

  7. holye

    26 Oct 2016 Moderator

    Lol thank you all and we are looking forward to playing with you all again!

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    Updated List Ace, Guan, Tondi, Tab, Holye

    We still need Flagger, 1Midliner (That can mes time to time) 1Midliner (that can solo split also)

    Thanks guys! we also need a Ally if anyone has one!
    If you want to invite us to ally invite : Synergy Crew [WORK]

  9. Hey Ace , i was planning on making my own guild for the month of December and January, maybe longer, see how it goes. But i was thinking either i can come there and help you guys or you can come to my guild. Either way could work i suppose, since ill have at least 2 others with me. Let me know what you guys think.

  10. Yea we need a flagger, two others I will talk to the others and let them know. We definitely want to stay in WORK. It's already made and we all are in it.

  11. Ok, well see how it goes after mAT then ill let you know for sure :)

  12. We have a Ally now thanks guys!

    We also still need a Flagger, and 2 Midliners hit us up!

  13. Ace ill come play mid :)

  14. ace you guys still forming?

  15. 11 months ago

    Yes Jorn we are bud. I just want to reform what Holye was trying to say we are playing this month and the future months ahead what we are looking for are experience players this is not going to be a learners guild so if you guys out there are guildless and have experience please let us know if you are interested in playing with us right now we have one frontline one fuse one prot and I think one midline. So we need an experienced flagger another front line and two possible mid liners

  16. I'm out of town right now til 30th. When I get back I'll let you know so I can get an invite.

  17. Sounds good! Still need more players come on fellas still need 1 frontline and flagger

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    holy shit ace lets play how do we contact u wtf wutz ur cell # these days

  19. guild full of pves dont join

  20. give up !

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