1. last year
    Edited last year by Zynkh


    If you have no-where to play the mAT we're looking for people to play it, just for fun, rage-free, etc.

    Don't care who you are or what do you play, as long as you're vocal and got some vision of the game, think we need a prot and mesmer.

  2. xO

  3. Bump 4 mAT.

  4. Is botting a req?

  5. gl lad

  6. Edited last year by Maverick

    You cannot trust him anymore - he bots even if there is not a real reason for it.

    gl maybe edge or iBot have people for you

  7. Zynkh I yearn for the days where I saw good in you. :(((((((((

  8. 11 months ago

    Very skilled mesmer.
    I approve!

  9. Good luck

  10. ilysm x

  11. Good luck Z

    P.S. every time I see Z he is always on frontline and he won gold front lining why is everyone talking about him saying he is boting. Also I'm not trolling I have not played a lot the last few months.


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