[Flux]less Tournament on 26th November

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    What is this?
    I will be organising a small GvG tournament with a best of three KO system. The idea is very simple and came from the Old School Scrimmages organised earlier this year by [Flux]. This tournament is meant to be a competitive yet friendly competition where creativity is highlighted. There are skills, insignia's, weapons and professions banned to promote diversity. The tournament will be small. It will either be a 2 team or 4 team tournament. The rounds will be best of three. If this tournament becomes a succes and won't be too much trouble for me to organise I will most likely organise it every 2 weeks or once a month.

    The rules:

    • Only Health, Energy and Stonefist insignias allowed.
    • No armor inscriptions on weapons. +10 armor on shields is allowed.
    • Banned skills are banned.
    • No botting.
    • Have to pay your entry money atleast 3 days before the tournament.
    • Have to show up on time or you will lose your price money plus entry money.
    • No flux for november.
    • Teamcaptain has to be available to pm's from the organisers.
    • Changing players during the tournament is allowed.
    • Dc's: if a player doesn't load into the match the match will be played again. If a dc happens during the match it is up to both teams if they want to continue or wait an amount of time for the reconnect like it would during a regular (m)AT match.
    • If the match is to be replayed due to a dc while loading, the builds aren't allowed to be changed anymore.
    • Volunteers have to be able to join guilds to observe, commentate and check the bans.
    • Every player has to ping their build and armor so the volunteers will be able to check for bans and to put the builds easily online on memorial.redeemer.biz.
    • Every player has to be on a PvP character so they are able to ping their equipment.

    Banned skills:
    Dervishes: Full ban including scythes.
    Elementalist: https://snag.gy/ZhYCUi.jpg
    Mesmer: https://snag.gy/4ohSce.jpg
    Necromancer: https://snag.gy/CVn0mD.jpg
    Monks: https://snag.gy/B0hQv8.jpg
    Paragon: https://snag.gy/47AC5d.jpg
    Ranger: https://snag.gy/rIFxpg.jpg
    Ritualist: https://snag.gy/LTefDJ.jpg
    Warrior: https://snag.gy/OQ01kd.jpg
    Assasin: https://snag.gy/vNFCZX.jpg
    Remember: Only Health, Energy and Stonefist insignias allowed, no armor inscriptions on weapons and no flux use during november. +10 armor on shields is allowed.

    Price money:
    Entry money: 250 Zkeys as deposit. The guild will get it back with additional price money once they've played the whole tournament.
    Donations: I will be donating X amount of stacks depending on interest from the community and to pay the volunteers.
    Based on finishing:

    • With a 2 team tournament: 70%-30% + entry money
    • With a 4 team tournament: 40%-30%-20%-10% + entry money

    1 hour after the cAT starts. I reckon that is 9pm CET and 8 pm GMT. Double check with your timezone please.

    Break inbetween matches:

    • 2 team tournament: 10 minute break inbetween matches to discuss and reroll builds.
    • 4 team tournament: Every 35 minutes the matches will start.

    Penalties for not showing up or playing the games too late will be discussed.

    30 minutes before the first round the teamcaptains will come together and /roll 100 once. The one who scored highest points will choose the first and third map. The other team chooses the second map. The teams will be responsible that the discussed guild hall is available to play on.

    I will need some help to make this tournament roll smoothly. There will be small rewards for people who want to invest time and effort with me to make this tournament happen. Volunteers need to be able to change guilds.

    • Streaming and recording: 5 Zkeys per recorded match.
    • Commentary: 20 Zkeys per recorded match.
    • Checking for banned skills and armor per team/match: 5 Zkeys.
    • Putting correct builds on memorial.redeemer.biz per match: 5 Zkeys.

    Signing in:

    • Teamcaptain has to trade Ra The Last Ranger 250 Zkeys as deposit and entry money atleast 3 days before the tournament starts.
    • First pays first comes.
    • Teamcaptain has to give a teamname and proposed 8 players for the tournament. These players may change during the tournament.
    • Teamcaptain has to be online 30 minutes before the tournament starts so Guild Halls can be sorted.
    • If it won't be possible for the team to form up they will have to notice Ra The Last Ranger 3 days before the tournament and they will get their entry money back. Any time later and their entry money is lost and will be divided between the volunteers and players of the tournament.

    If you want to donate Zkeys you can trade Ra The last Ranger. I will be holding a spreadsheet to keep track of all donations for if the tournament is to be cancelled the money will be refunded.

    If there are any problems you should pm Ra The Last Ranger or pm me on this forum.
    It will be very unlikely that the bans will be changed but if you see skills which would be a problem you should pm me aswell and I might think about it.

    I hope to see you the 26th of november :)

    Ra The Last Ranger

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    no patient no woh no burst vs mesmers with such little banned skills, apply poison, no complicate and warriors basically unaffected? seems really tough to me :o

    good initiative tho, i'd glad to see it! :)
    good luck

  3. Good luck!

  4. @Luv no patient no woh no burst vs mesmers with such little banned skills, apply poison, no complicate and warriors basically unaffected? seems really tough to me :o

    Most big damage skills have been nerfed to make different kind of styles available to play. However this would mean that monks would be OP, if they aren't already. To also shake up the monk meta (because why should only the rest of the team carry the burden?) the most overpowered monk skills are nerfed while still keeping different monk builds viable and strong enough to keep your team alive as it did in pre-eotn. Well I'd expect it would.

    Without LR apply poison shouldn't be that much trouble. Especially if you would not play only full offensive characters in a 8v8 build.

    I think mesmers are nerfed just fine. They don't need big bans if most damage is nerfed.

    But hey, it's not up to me to make builds for you.

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    [bros] as a guild would like to play this. narcin will cream his shorts for unaffected sin monks

  6. Added an additional rule: Every player has to be on a PvP character so they are able to ping their equipment.

  7. Can I ask why aos and shielding hands are banned? There are so many strips in this game and they aren't op at all?

  8. Edited last year by Ra

    Because Strip enchant is banned except for rend, contempt, pod and shatter storm there are no enchant removes which remove more than 1 enchantment.

    Also Shielding Hands is a very strong skill. With banning AoS it promotes to take more anti-physical on the midline.

  9. Edited last year by Ali

    But strips alone weren't the basis of my argument. Why do u think aos and shielding are op?

  10. Hmmm ok sorry didn't see the rest of ur post

  11. Balthazaars pendulum incoming

  12. Hey!

    Me and Ra pretty much put all of this together for the [Flux] scrims ("Old school scrims") originally and some skills are not on the ban list only because they are overpowered or push out other less attractive skills but to force people to go out of their comfort zones and see how it turns out.
    In my opinion a skill like Shielding hands is really strong in a high armor environment but might be totally fine when everyone runs 60ish armor but I also think it must be fun even for monks to be forced to try new stuff. :)

    My expectations for this first tournament is that some team will find a build which feels really strong at first but perhaps isn't in the long run if guilds adapt, ideally even within a Best of 3.
    It's also hopefully the first of many tournaments and if something feels boring, broken or we want new rules for the next one we can just tweak it.

  13. With such a logic it would only be fair to also remove RC. The low amount of ench removals, the banned ele skills and such would make sod and others a good/viable option.. however, it won't as long as RC is an option.

  14. Edited last year by Belzor

    RC was definitly up for discussion and is not off the table but we were worried about removing most of the great healing and RC at the same time. I would love for Sword warriors to be viable again so we will see how this plays out unless all the guilds playing ask for any specific bans.

  15. Tonight we will adjust the skill bans for the final time untill the tournament on the 26th to give everyone time to make their builds.

  16. sword wars are still viable , people just dont run them..

  17. Updated the ban list with Glyph of Sac and Fox Fangs. That will be it for this tournament.

  18. To clarify it doesn't have to be a guild team (it is allowed ofcourse!). You can just play with a group of friends. I do need the name of your teamcaptain though to discuss important matters and he/she has to be available during the tournament.

  19. sync

    10 Nov 2016 Member

    @Ra ; Is there still space for a team? If yes I'll make a team for this. I'm visiting in Finland atm for father's day and can't get to GW to pay for you but I'll be on either late sunday or monday.

  20. Yeah there's definatly space. No one has paid yet only people said they'd be interested. If you are about to sign up, be sure you already have an idea who your 8 players are gonna be though. :)

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