2015 November Monthly

  1. last year


    20 Nov 2015 Administrator

    this flux sucks

  2. http://i.imgur.com/bc99A3y.jpg
    At least next 2 fluxes wont influence builds.

  3. Daze4days

  4. Godly

    21 Nov 2015 Administrator

    I was expecting something better Lem.

  5. http://www.strawpoll.me/6018075/r

  6. holye

    21 Nov 2015 Moderator
    Edited last year by holye

    Strawpoll - Winner of MaT


  7. Godly

    21 Nov 2015 Administrator

    Biggest throw? Also taking bets pm me in game.


  8. 400 ectos say that DW doesn't win mat

  9. Godly

    21 Nov 2015 Administrator

    Everyone is loser in this mat

  10. Lemstar

    21 Nov 2015 Administrator

    joke mat

  11. Gz to cute, well earned gold. The only team smart enough to ddos when they're about to lose

  12. butters

    21 Nov 2015 Moderator

    lots of big things happen this mat. accusations going around about ddos, Charlie makin the big comeback, maiq winning his first gold november 2015, but we need to focus on the only really important thing here and that is nick didnt win.

  13. http://imgur.com/ePEMqE5
    I appreciate the hate and u dont have to worry, cause i will still click some of my skills for your entertainment.

  14. Deleted 10 months ago by EmptyPwnsCharr
  15. Deleted last year by Zynkh
  16. Yoshi, I will always be your friend !
    Gz Maiq... Endlich !!

  17. Edited last year by antzjeh

    Fun mAT for us even tho we didnt have our full squad. All this drama tho lel, care cup is empty lads \_/ ....................... better luck next time. :> gz to cute

  18. np my friends

  19. Godly

    22 Nov 2015 Administrator

    Anyone up to do some commentary from monthly matches? It would be useful for newer people. Have some people already, but more would be better.

  20. TheNap

    22 Nov 2015 Moderator

    I would be up for that

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