Prof Dr Von Preusen [Euro]

  1. 11 months ago

    This guy bots on mesmer, at least in Random Arenas.

  2. Yep he does

  3. I don't know why people keep playing with him, in gvg...

  4. Very suspicious activity in RA on a regular basis...

  5. I've also played against this guy when Euro last played a few months ago. Very suspicious rupts at the 0.5 second mark regularly

  6. Stop trying to bann everyone from gvg who is suspicious in RA. Chillax and enjoy the game while it lasts.

  7. He misses much hits like a bot maybe good ping

  8. Nope, he is clearly botting

  9. Don't know why people don't make such a huge deal about this guy, just proved yesterday that he's botting indeed.

  10. maybe because hes a noname and shit player playing for a shit guild !

  11. I remember the same thread about him in the old qq forum when he played one awesome mat in [out] 2k8 or 2k9 when the underdog [out] reached quarter finals for the first time. And the reason for his some good rupts is his average ping 11-15ms (he lives next to the server in Frankfurt).

    I know him since 2k8 and also played a lot of matches against him (in ra and gvg) and he was already a good rupter at this time, when bots weren't used that frequently as today. - And yes he nevery won a goldcape. But is this an indicator for being a shit player or shit mesmer?

    @Darnath were you one of these frustrated ra monks casting every woh or burst on shieldset? Cuz everytime I play with Prof Dr Von Preusen, I see him pblocking shitty monks (casting on shieldset, dont fake, casting after kd, try to instant remove empathy without faking cure hex...) in ra as fuck! And these guys are crying he's botting! But i also see him pblocking on signet of rejuv, or missing shame, div etc even if i call him to play defensive.

    @Ali you couldn't play against Euro or him at all a few months ago because we didn't play GvG for allmost 1 year.

    @thewar continue call us nonames and shit player - we dont care. We dont take this game too serious! So noone of us needs to use a bot.

    Nobody in my guild is botting and i wont accept playing with a bot - even if we would lose every single match!

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    Btw he recorded some ra matches friday and yesterday evening. Maybe he will upload it! So you can see how he destroyed some shitty ra monks

  13. @ANDI And the reason for his some good rupts is his average ping 11-15ms (he lives next to the server in Frankfurt).

    nobody hear this shit player until now , he rupts good than most of the mes left in game , recording dont mean shit either u can easily hide botting rupts

  14. Good pin? Usually he doesnt rupt anything but suddenly, some matches, nobody is allowed to cast any 3/4+ skill... BOTTER

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    I'm undecided on this one. Too few matches played vs him, but he's been suspect for some time. Unlike with kobe and sometimes num, I haven't yet seen him try to pspike a signet of any sort, or just try to use a wrong rupt when twitch rupting.

  16. Godly

    4 Dec 2016 Administrator

    Not that I care that much what happens in RA, but recording would be great idea, if you really want to convince peeps.

  17. Edited 11 months ago by Ishtli

    Not really here to convince anyone, but merely to give an opinion and bring attention to it, and have peeps decide for themselves.
    You should know, however, that botting is rarely an RA-exclusive thing. Sooner or later, you are bound to come across those twats and their pals in both gvg and HA, so it's to everyone's interest to be aware of such monkeys regardless of the game mode.

  18. Godly

    4 Dec 2016 Administrator
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    This guy already plays gvg and so does his guild. Also I do agree if people bot in RA they would probably or most likely do it in gvg. But my point is if there isn't recording of this happening, you only have words of people to go on. Also should be noted whenever someone makes a thread like this with newly made account + it has lots of alt account post on it, it doesn't make the case any stronger.

  19. Edited 11 months ago by K R S C H K R

    I played both with and against him on mesmer. By far (!) not as much as ANDI, fyi. And I played mesmer myself both in RA and GvG. It did not feel like he is botting, neither did it feel like that whenever I played with/against Candyboy who's been called out for botting aswell alot. It rather feels like both of them simply are both good at rupting and evaluating what other players are going to do given the current match situation (-> successful prediction).

    One day I did a 25 run with Kobe (or someone faking his name, you never know - hi Fisto Mind Power and Flsto Mind Power ... :P) on mes and myself on some zurrie style target camping troll derv. That means I had 25 matches I'd just camp whatever looked like a healer and saw all the rupts on that target. While I know that alot of people say he bots it definitely did not look like it in that run:

    • plenty of prediction rupts on 1/4 skills
    • rupts on 3/4 and 1 sec skills with everything between first third and too late

    Even though I am a bad mesmer I got called out for botting some times, too, already. What did lead the players to that?

    • Once: A rupt on a skill that was almost through (~99%)
    • Multiple times: Rupting 3/4 or 1 sec skills frequently on monks who are in shield set and don't fake
    • Multiple times, especially RA: Camping an lsurge ele who sits in shield set and does not fake. Yes, it's bad to camp a target but it's even worse when you get called a bot for rupting chain lightning...
    • Even worse: When that ele starts spamming and you have alot of rupts charged and just spam them resulting in rupts on everything on a <10% mark and he calls you a bot
    • Seen aswell in RA: Rupting 1/4 skills = bot!

    People get called out for botting for ridiculous reasons. Thus I do not trust in words only as a proof for botting, especially not from RA players as alot of them are bad and most of them who post on QQ are the same two persons. As godly said: Anonymous alt accounts are not quite trustworthy.

    What'd be useful: Evidence, e.g. most rupts being on almost the same skill progress mark. Doing a rupt and immediately afterwards a rupt on someone who stands far off, maybe add suspective rupt speed or one that's almost the same. Or that he rupts the same skills only and always (e.g. what THAI etc. played in GvG: Rupting every shatter out of nowhere even though you run 11 fast cast, Zynkh rupting bflash out of nowhere always on the same time a year ago).
    As always I believe that recording the mesmer gameplay will help deciding whether the claim is true or not. He installed OBS so he should be able to record his gameplay now. When you think he used a bot one match, post it here, say when it happened and who was around (so he can find the right vid) and then wait for his upload. Then we should see whether the bot claim is justified or not.

  20. Edited 11 months ago by Ishtli

    Ye Kobe is the lord of "random" prediction. I'm more scared of those than his twitch rupting (which normally hits all 3/4s casts anyway). But him being in Boo is a pretty good sign he's not a bot, as I would never let bots sit in our ally, or Boo for that matter.

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