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    9 Dec 2016 Administrator
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    (Un)official changelog thread.

    Making this thread for 2 reasons, first about current state and second about what comes next. I have made some changes along months, but I never really publicly posted anything about it.

    Do people know there's actually different sections(channels) in these forums? The default view at forum tree(main page) is that all threads are listed with most recent reply at top. However you can do this: General only , LFG only , Guides only and so on.

    The current sections are:
    Basically it's the drama central and free to do anything area.
    The "important" threads section, some people have moderating rights in this section. Normal accounts don't have permission to start threads in this section.
    Section for teaching scrims, teaching scrim organizers have moderating rights in this section. Only they have permission to make new threads in this section.
    This section was solely made for this thread , so could give streamers permission to edit OP.
    A section for guides.
    Looking for Guild/Players
    Self explanatory.

    Anyhow those sections are pretty much needed atm, subject to change obviously. Everyone with Mod and above have all the permissions on those sections also.

    Some people have wondered about moderating line and some peeps have requested more serious mod line for specific threads from time to time. Currently Quality, Teaching, Streaming are only sections I personally watch more closely. Some really offensive and continues personal attacks, I might do something about even if it's at General. Otherwise if you ask me pretty much anything goes, since this is still QQ. I'm pretty sure other mods have close to same mindset, but can't say that for sure.

    Is there actually other mods around? There's actually, although most people were given mod status in order to edit OP at teaching scrim thread in past. However some of them are still around doing stuff maybe not so active atm. Current list of Mods

    Anyhow that brings up the next thing I'm going to ask. The old QQ forums used to have more serious PvP section with more strict moderating line. If there's demand for it, could add it back. So people can make their serious discussion threads there, without needing to ask more strict mod line against trolling etc. This wouldn't mean you can just make a "shitty" thread there and expect it to hold serious discussion, it will be moved to General if it belongs to there. Anyways I know some peeps would like have somewhat more serious discussion, without have to deal with excess trolling on those threads.

    I guess this would be perfect opportunity to ask any other feedback or suggestions or just random questions, regarding forums. Keep in mind that I don't have access to server side, so anything regarding that is off-limits.

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    Is there any way to keep the main page clean from all these shit threads about random arenas, qekz, etc.? Like a dumpster section that u can hide or something like that.

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  4. Momo

    10 Dec 2016 Member

    Maybe create an Arena section for all of these stuff

  5. Godly

    10 Dec 2016 Administrator

    That can be done, also hiding as well. You can hide specific section so you can't see threads posted in there, also specific section can be hidden on default, meaning you wouldn't see threads over there even if you aren't logged in. However would need to move any threads there manually as I'm sure no1 would ever make a thread there themselves.

    Option 1, could make that "dumpster" section and move all threads there manually, can be hidden on default.
    Option 2, could make RA section and people can just hide those themselves if they wish so.
    Option 3, do both maybe possible?

    If people really want something like that, I'll make necessary changes later on. Anyways for time being I leave it as it's for further discussion.

  6. My two cents: an Arenas section would probably be useful, as well as the possibility to hide sections. I don't think a "dump" section makes much sense, because obviously people would not post on it directly, and that would require enforcement. This could possibly pave the way for more drama: are threads going to be moved arbitrarily? Considering this is a user-run forum (basically) it could lead to disagreements.

    For instance, my analysis of the state of the game could have been moved, by a very silly mod, in such a section. Luckily that was not a possibility and, among RA trolls, something productive came out of it (more to come, one can hope).

    One issue with the Arenas section is that probably people would not use it correctly. For instance, threads about people botting often end up being abused by RA trolls, hence virtually belonging in both the General and the Arenas section.

    Suggestion/question: is it possible to implement a multiple tag system? EG: someone makes a thread about a botter, in the general session. It becomes RA shittalking, and a mod adds the RA tag. Players with the RA section hidden do not see it anymore, but they did see it in the beginning, while it was focused on a general issue.

  7. Godly

    10 Dec 2016 Administrator
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    It's up user to choose in what section new thread would belong with Mods correcting if needed. Where it really belongs is always up for debate, because people see things differently. Obviously incase if there's disagreement with Mod and OP, OP can complain about it elsewhere(or in the thread itself). Multiple channels or tags aren't possible with this forum software.

    Personally I would see RA section with option to hide it a good thing, people who wish to hide wouldn't post anything useful in first place. Essentially it wouldn't change much would the thread be in RA section or General other than some people wouldn't be able to see it. Trolls already troll threads whether it's at General or RA, doesn't really matter.

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    13 Dec 2016 Administrator
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    So I made a little update.

    Current channel(section list) looks like this.


    • Random Arenas
    • Quality
    • Streaming


    • Teaching discussions(private)
    • Guides

    Banned Battles

    • Looking for Guild
    • Looking for Players

    So I made that RA section, but I won't be moving old threads there(at least not now). New threads will be moved accordingly. The same whole channel list can be viewed from here and also there's that option to hide specific section(right hand side). Default view(main page) is still the same, however if you hid any sections those threads won't show up even there.

    Also you can view forum like this(general) and it does view all threads on that section + on sub sections(provided you have access and didn't hid those). Also this way sticky threads will show up first(provided those belong on that section).

    Sidenote, I did sticky this thread , can't say I don't think about you trolls :)

    Feel free to comment.

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    Separate channel for Randon Arenas is unnecessary. People don't talk about Random Arenas in particular, but rather about People who bot and who are toxic to the community it happens to be that some of them sometimes play in RA(QeKz, Zynkh, etc), but it doesn't mean the thread is about RA.

  10. Gimmie mod and I'll maintain peace and harmony in the truest sense of the word.

  11. Godly

    13 Dec 2016 Administrator


    That's arguable, those threads are still about people who play in RA and do things at RA. Example, if you make a thread about botting in general then it's general, however if it's a thread about someone botting in RA then it's more about RA.

    Also this forum is still more about GvG than RA and quite many gvgers don't really care what happens in RA(and rather don't wanna see those threads), so this just gives them option to hide those threads. Also like I said earlier it's not like you lose anything, because these people won't usually post anything or they just troll there(unless that's what you want).

  12. Godly

    20 Dec 2016 Administrator

    I made some minor changes some days ago, nothing drastic.

  13. 8 months ago

    added a some 4v4 play action (http://teamquitter.com/index.php/1318-4v4-play ) and will ultimately moderate all inappropriate bot, alt and shitposting until end of sunday 19th.

  14. Godly

    14 Mar 2017 Administrator

    Also this is in effect as from now on: http://teamquitter.com/index.php/1311-please-read-if-you-are-looking-for-love/p6#p14388

  15. Godly

    2 Apr 2017 Administrator

    As promised I made some changes for alt accounts. Basically you need to prove someway that you're real person playing this game or have played this game. I made preliminary list of people who are white listed for now, this was done manually so I might have missed you or w/e. Anyhow if you aren't white listed the only area you can post or even make threads is drama . If you want posting rights on other areas, you either make a post at drama(private is fine with mods only), come to Discord or pm any mod in game. Also Drama section is invisible without account, so random visitor don't need to see that bullshit. Also you can hide it yourself, if you wish so.

    Also from now on, we will enforce more stricter moderation. This means if you want your drama thread, post at Drama section and moderation will still be non-existent. Other areas will be modded more strictly and if you make stupid thread, it will be moved or locked accordingly.

    Current forum tree looks like this .

    This is still general, basically post anything here that doesn't belong to any other areas.

    New GvG only area, sub sections: Quality Monthlies Teaching Banned Battles

    New section for RA, Organised 4v4(TA) and Codex?

    As it was said, non-existent moderation(basically same as now). You can only post here without approval and it's invisible for guests.

    Same as before, sub sections: LFG and LFP

    This is new section, dunno if we even need it tbh. However post your buying and selling at here from now on, trim selling also.

    This is same as before with all same sub sections.


    Perhaps with these changes we can have more structured discussions and make forums more alive again. Also if you act like an idiot we won't ban you, but rather just remove your posting rights :) Feel free to give comments regarding and complains from alts goes here .

    PS. Mostly people I know and I can tell who they're, were white listed for now and some others. Oh and obviously you can still read everything with account.


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