1. last year
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    im looking for a home to play
    pm me here or ign

  2. jack

    22 Nov 2015 Member

    GL General Teabag

  3. we are LF Players in WORK if your interested

  4. still looking ! i dont care about who you are, exp , or whatever - just be cool guys

  5. Hey maverick, wanna join Flux? Check out the thread I made :)

  6. Maco

    28 Nov 2015 Member

    gl maverick, good player.

  7. bump

  8. Deleted last year by EmptyPwnsCharr
  9. [WORK] LF Flager interested?

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    I am guildless so if you need me send me an invite ! I'm willing to play for everyone just let me play my role!

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    not sure whats going on now so i might be lfg

  12. bumperoni ( might have something tho)

  13. bump

  14. <3

  15. bump hit me up ign or here

  16. gl beast mes

  17. Trash. Complains a lot. Eu scum. Garbage. Thinks hes good.

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    seems like there are no options :(
    much sad many unwow

  19. 11 months ago

    np down for this month so im lfg


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