Observe: mAT matches corrupted?

  1. 11 months ago

    None of the mAT matches will load. Is that an issue everyone has or does it only apply to few/me?

  2. game sucks, i can't either

  3. Godly

    20 Dec 2016 Administrator

    This have happened before, also after certain amount of days. Perhaps Observe can't handle monthly matches full week anymore, which is sad.

  4. Meh, that's sad. I still wanted to add OvO's infamous loss against BRAT and LaG's glorious semi finals against them. *shrug*

  5. I've posted about this to Kimme's page. He and others have said to report such stuff to Support but I think this should be fixed at a program level, not by someone restarting stuff just to have it happen again and again.

    My theory is it's more likely to break during festivals when there are changes.

  6. Godly

    21 Dec 2016 Administrator


    I also wrote detailed email to them regarding, when this happened first time.

    @K R S ;C H K R

    You could salvage stuff from my stream, if you want and I remember lots of their builds as well.

  7. It's ok. I'd have added it for the sake of completeness mostly: It's always good to have at least finals and semi finals. Matches against bot guilds aren't too interesting themselves and iirc the builds weren't too special either. I hope to see some interesting matches (of the mentioned and of course other guilds) on observe from regular ATs and will add them instead at some point.


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