1. 4 months ago

    Cant play much for the next few weeks but can be on for mat and a couple of AT's
    Willing to play the non rupt midline positions- necro/ele/splitter/paragon/aod mes etc. Kinda suck at everything else
    Can call tactics from that position if wanted
    Have like 12 or 13 golds or something from 2013-2016, nothing before that
    Message me here!

  2. Fisto

    Dec 31 Member

    good luck such friendly guy <3<3<3 best of luck

  3. Rainy

    Dec 31 Member

    Terrible human being. Pick him up so he doesn't kill himself.

  4. Ali

    Jan 1 Member

    hides offline most the time, can not trust, decent player, can not trust

  5. Ali

    Jan 1 Member

    this guy takes me out of slumber, to tickle my down under

  6. Ali

    Jan 1 Member

    im the best bumper of threads on qq

  7. @Fisto @Rainy @Ali
    ty friends <3

  8. great player, vegan engineer, charismatic guy, womanizer, averages 1.17 golds/mo, rides kangaroos, slightly fascist, carries any team!!

  9. ska la

    Jan 1 Member

    Definately one of the top 6 aussie players. The others being myself, Daryl Braithwaite, Jarrod Vincenzo Rebecchi, Jeff Fatt, and Johanna Griggs (pre-life-as-commentator).

    @Cutbanthium Rides kangaroos? Nah...this guy is so strong, the kangaroos ride ~him.

  10. Accolade

    Jan 1 Member

    @Rainy Terrible human being. Pick him up so he doesn't kill himself.


  11. Back off of my man you psychos. Ima kung-fu the living shit outta you if you don't delete your posts. BE AWARE

  12. Best of luck, Nick!

  13. Edited 4 months ago by Lam3rz

    Very rational and friendly beeing manifested into human form.
    10 / 10 Would recommend it again.


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