1. 10 months ago

    Cant play much for the next few weeks but can be on for mat and a couple of AT's
    Willing to play the non rupt midline positions- necro/ele/splitter/paragon/aod mes etc. Kinda suck at everything else
    Can call tactics from that position if wanted
    Have like 12 or 13 golds or something from 2013-2016, nothing before that
    Message me here!

  2. good luck such friendly guy <3<3<3 best of luck

  3. Terrible human being. Pick him up so he doesn't kill himself.

  4. hides offline most the time, can not trust, decent player, can not trust

  5. this guy takes me out of slumber, to tickle my down under

  6. im the best bumper of threads on qq

  7. @Fisto @Rainy @Ali
    ty friends <3

  8. great player, vegan engineer, charismatic guy, womanizer, averages 1.17 golds/mo, rides kangaroos, slightly fascist, carries any team!!

  9. Definately one of the top 6 aussie players. The others being myself, Daryl Braithwaite, Jarrod Vincenzo Rebecchi, Jeff Fatt, and Johanna Griggs (pre-life-as-commentator).

    @Cutbanthium Rides kangaroos? Nah...this guy is so strong, the kangaroos ride ~him.

  10. @Rainy Terrible human being. Pick him up so he doesn't kill himself.


  11. Back off of my man you psychos. Ima kung-fu the living shit outta you if you don't delete your posts. BE AWARE

  12. Best of luck, Nick!

  13. Edited 10 months ago by Lam3rz

    Very rational and friendly beeing manifested into human form.
    10 / 10 Would recommend it again.


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