Best build for carrying Random Arenas?

  1. 10 months ago

    Outside of the obvious monk what spec do you expect to net the highest win percentage in RA?

  2. Sad but: Grenth derv. Make sure to bring attackers insight and grenth's aura. Very boring to play.

  3. As I usually have no healer and alot of healers I finally get into my team aren't useful I started playing healer myself ~ a year ago. But because I'm too bad to play monk dervishes have more style it had to be a dervish healer.



    • Style
    • Being a dervish
    • Style again
    • Energy Management
    • Great self healing abilities. Passive self healing allows you to ignore soul bind and random pressure on yourself
    • Immune to edrain mesmers
    • Immune to most physicals
    • Style
    • Can cast through diversion and shame
    • Alot of people will try to kill you as you're the healer and leave your team in peace. That's good as your self defense abilities are better than a monk's.
    • Arcane Intervention allows to keep team mates alive who would die due to you being disabled (e.g. blackout)
    • Unlimited signet faking
    • Easy flux usage in may flux


    • Good mesmers will know that you still use your signet while you're hexed with diversion/shame and try to rupt it. Good mesmers are rare.
    • Good magebane rangers, e.g. Num Neen. Luckily most rangers are easy to fake out.
    • KD spam, e.g. by gale or stoning spam. Earth eles are rare these days.
    • Unless you drop mystic regen for draw conditions your condition removal is bad. But good warriors run mend touch, signet of malice or empathic removal anyway.
    • Good necromancers will spam defile defenses on you so you can't really defend yourself against melees anymore. Didn't see good/any necromancers recently.
    • Deep wound spam (multiple physicals or wounding strike)

    At least for me playing this results/resulted in frequent good runs and 25 runs. Enjoy playing it.
    P.S.: If you play dervish heal your dervish has to be bald.

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    @Hamstorm Sad but: Grenth derv. Make sure to bring attackers insight and grenth's aura. Very boring to play.

    grenths dervs are so cancer srs
    play RT

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    So Grenth Dervish is the clear front runner among offensive specs for carrying games?

    Also, I'm curious as to what feel are the top 5 or top 10 most played/effective specs for RA. I'm coming back to the game soon and am trying to kind of figure stuff out.

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    The most effective build is of a shape such that it counters most relevant threats/time wastes you may face and is thus highly dependant on the current Meta which is a permanently changing. Therefore no one can give you a most effective build; there is none.

    As your question is of pretty general nature so shall be the answer. Run a build that's flexible, may be ran either offensively or defensively depending on what's currently needed, isn't focused on a special scope of enemies, isn't too easy to counter by rupts, facile enchantment removals or physicals as these are somewhat frequent. Some examples of how such bars might look:


    And if you loosen some of the earlier mentioned features you want from that build of yours you could even take such bars as these:

    P.S.: No build guarantees carrying no matter what your opponents run. If you aren't a good player you won't carry at any point. If you are, the concrete build choice is of little impact.

  7. @K R S ;C H K R snip

    I lol'd at the dshot hammer xD

    Looks pretty similar to the stuff being played back before i left.

    Not much has changed in 7 years I see

  8. Do not bring more stupid xinrae rits to RA cmon! Dont we have enogh already?? QQ

  9. Btw Num's build is cool but it works better taking savageshot over n3.
    About the ele, such stance is no the best option either,a good war could get you easily... i would suggest protectors

  10. Just play whatever you are good at. And play whatever you don't like to play against.

  11. shadow form troll runner

  12. I'll prolly just play Warrior when I come back since i played warrior and revenant competitively in Guild Wars 2, and was the class i played most back more than 10 years ago (wow this game is old af). Derv kinda looks boring.


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