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    Hej everyone,
    I just recently came back to the game after stopping in late 2008. I was looking for teamquitter.com just out of nostalgia and stumbled upon this. Looks like I've missed a lot of stuff! ;o
    I read some of the forum's threads, especially the part dedicated to teaching (and some drama threads too ^.^), and it made me want to come back!
    So yeah, I haven't played in 8 years or something, I missed many updates and stuff, but I've been trying to get up to date by watching games/youtube videos and doing some RA. I've never really played in any decent GvG guild before, mostly some low level guilds doing ladder matches only, but I've always enjoyed watching the top guilds on TV ;P
    I'm just looking for a guild who could take me so that I can be part of a GvG ally. Of course I don't plan in being in the core of any guild right now, but being alone gets boring quite fast :/
    I plan to attend teaching scrimmages and all the other stuff in order to shake off the dust a little bit, but if someone feels like giving me some tips/coaching, I would greatly appreciate it :P
    I used to monk, prot and infuse (mostly prot but by now i'm probably equally bad at both), so I'll try and stick to that :P

    Anyway, that's too long already. Here's my ign: Lagoya Six

  2. Good luck!

  3. Ali

    17 Jan 2017 Member

    Cool gl x

  4. gl but will be hard to get guild too many tryhards

  5. I received an invitation to WoT, thanks guys :)

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    Langola's retarded brother.

  7. @Rainy Langola's retarded brother.

    uninstalled already? thank god


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