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    I'll attempt to make this as short as possible. A quick about me and where i am in the game right now. I am currently in gfg chillin , just kinda waiting for the mAT, then ill probably go back flux and play with my pals there. But here recently gfg was kicked from the ally(sqrl), because zynkh was in the guild. Now to the topic at hand.

    I would like some responses from said alliance, since they make up most of the community now. What are their stances on botters, what should we do with them, and how would we judge current/future potential botters. I ask this because there are quite a few ppl who think a number of people, in this same ally, bot. But its only speculation at this point, and if Zynkh didnt confess it would still be speculation, regardless of video or whatever. Its because everyone has their own opinion about it. By no means am i defending him though. Im debating the steps the community is taking on the whole botting thing, and how were gonna get rid of the problem in the ally, not only that but to also, find out whos actually doing it in the 1st place. There isnt really a way to find out unless its blatantly obvious on obs or stream that they are. So when these potential botters are in a group of good players its hard to tell if they are or not.

    I think some of you know when the botting thing came up about zynkh, i was on the worst end of the stick so to speak. He said some personal things to me. To me it doesnt really matter because hes not a personal friend or someone i hang out with, irl. Its in a game, he had a poor attitude because he was being accused of botting and all that, which we would get mad/defensive or whatever if we were all accused of it too. i mention this because past 2 times i played with gfg as a guild for ATs zynkh was there. He was on ele both times. In those games we played, we got wrecked, and no one said anything negative about any of our players during those games, such as botting or hell even trash talked each other during/after matches. It didnt happen at all. Now im asking you honestly, whats the big deal again with having him in gfg, when hes on ele/war. The responses ive gotten from a few people were its because he had 2 chances already. So after 1st chance why did people allow him to get back on mes in the 1st place... have him play something else, hes decent on quite a few roles.

    I think guilds that guest people who are suspicious of botting should put them on roles that dont use one. So if someone has used or is suspicious of using a rupt bot, put them on a non rupt class. If your worried about a person using a cancel bot, put them on non caster rolls. If you simply dont like the person, dont guest them lol.

    Id like to see some mature responses, but i doubt that will happen lol

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    Well since I don't care who is playing where.. let me ask you one thing:

    If a person is known for using a ruptbot - who is giving you the guarantee that said person is not using a bulls-, cancelbot or any other known bot?
    It is known that more bots than ruptbots exist which can still be used on non mesmer roles.
    I'm not saying he is using those.. but it's hard to get right of those thoughts when the person is already branded as botter.

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    I dont think anyone cares about bulls bot?!?!
    But like i said above if someone is worried they are using rupt/cancel bot then put them on roles that dont use them... If they dont want to do that then tell them bye ill find someone else...

  4. sera plays for botters too on multiple accounts also this useless mexicunt bujito bots on mes idk if he play for botters too since none want him

    heres a list of bots

    coward bot
    voice notification bot
    prot bot
    cure hex/holy veil bot (remove shame, div, insidious, empathy, lsurge, many)
    strip/shatter bot
    self defense bot (dodge bulls, stance on kds)
    cancel rupt bot
    rupt bot (there are different - SHOP/CH34T guys got good ones)

    list goes on

  5. Godly

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    Personally, I don't trust anyone who have been "proven" to be a botter by either strong video evidence or I have personally witnessed it on obs(or played against said person). Also this means I don't really want to do anything with said person, play with them, be in same guild, be in same ally etc. This is the case, if I'm 100% sure about it myself. I wouldn't "ban" them for eternity though, see below.

    Then about people who are suspicious, but not proven by any means. I still keep eye on them, but I could play with them, most likely not in same guild though. I personally put people over here, doesn't matter what other people say.

    Then there's the category where lots of people think person x is botting, aka people say this person is a bot. Personally I don't care about this that much, cos I think most people see bots everywhere and they can't tell difference between a bot or rock. However I would still check these people whenever I see them at obs.

    Then there's the people who play with bots knowingly(they don't bot themselves) with either "I don't care" attitude or with x number of excuses. Personally I think they're as bad as botters themselves.

    Should botters be forgiven? Yea if you ask me, however it would require work from themselves and not from us to tell them to stop botting and feel bad about it.

    Should we allow them to be in alliance(bots/bot guilds)? I personally wouldn't allow that, if they knowingly bot and don't give fuck about it. Goes to people and guilds who openly play with bots too.

    This is my own opinion regarding botting.

  6. @thewar voice notification bot

    What is this again?

    @thewar cure hex/holy veil bot (remove shame, div, insidious, empathy, lsurge, many)

    Rip hexway :(

  7. @Ra ; What is this again?

    robot voice on ts saying who splittet who get spiket who got shame diversion many things

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    Ah, that would be hard to use without your team obviously knowing ur using it?
    Edit, does it say the names, numbers or proffesions? If it's the name we probably need more Oeboe Babla's.

  9. @Ra ; Ah, that would be hard to use without your team obviously knowing ur using it?
    Edit, does it say the names, numbers or proffesions? If it's the name we probably need more Oeboe Babla's.

    it automatic get on ts u cant use it without other ppl know

  10. Oke thanks, I need this information for my botting career.

  11. Ep S

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    I invite one guy to the guild and i put him on ele for an AT and everyone LOSES THEIR MINDS! Not like he was talking to you. Everyone guesting including LaG players knew he was there, they did not seem to mind whatsoever.

    There seems to be like one or two ppl who were like ahhhh, KICK EM from ally because he played an AT there. Welps. I apologize for inviting him. I do not support botting in GfG, But Z wasnt going to be botting on an elementalist so I figured no one would mind.

    Z left the guild because he felt bad that we were kicked. He doesn't plan on playing with us anymore and if it means we cannot get guests because of that whole ordeal then we will not be willing to play with him anymore.

    Fair enough?

    If the SQRL masters would like us back in a Zynkhless guild. Then we are willing to be a Zynkhless guild. I just want to play some good games with some bad players.

  12. holye

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    I think it touches a nerve with people who love this game.

  13. @holye I think it touches a nerve with people who love this game.

    That goes without saying~

  14. What concerns me (even though no one cares) is how the forgiving process is selectively biased. I don't wanna name names - because it won't be necessary - but what is the difference between forgiving someone who has played solely and exclusively with various bots and using alts for months, said he was going to stop botting many times and did not, and forgiving Zynkh who was caught botting twice (or more, idk, still much less than others)?

    Yet, one of the two gets his guild kicked from ally because of playing on ele, while the other gets to play with people who are clearly better than him, without even having to record (beyond me).

    Personally, I have nothing against any of the two, but Zynkh was very nice to me during and after teaching scrims, as a person and as a player, so I don't really understand what the discriminating factor could be.

  15. Fisto involved

  16. Couldn't people who have been accused of botting/have botted in the past just RECORD their matches, and upload them if someone provides evidence of suspect behaviour within say 2-3 days? I think that'd be fair because

    -Recording can be done by pretty much anyone, at worse it's gonna be at a really awful resolution. I play on a 4yo laptop and still can record at 480p smoothy - can't go higher, but it doesn't matter for this purpose.

    -It wouldn't be too much of a constriction because they wouldn't need to upload every match and, much like in the real world, it is who accused that would carry the weight of providing proofs in a short time, and then the accused person could easily address the issue at hand (no philosophical chit-chat).

    -I don't know I think it'd create a less toxic environment overall.

  17. Godly

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    ^this has been suggested over years many times as among other things.

    Frankly the community have so different view on botting, so forcing stuff don't really work. In my exp there's too many people who defend their friends and botters, that these kind of steps are next to impossible.

  18. i dont knw zynkh, but this witch hunting against him should stop one day tbh, especially if he's playing EL :x
    bots/party window are comon on this game now , deal with it
    we will never have a clean game.

    ps : some ppl are suspicious on this ally, but since they are in the "gvg community" from a long time, ppl close their eyes............

  19. Godly

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    ^I don't think it's witch hunt at this point, just that lots of people don't want him to be around and for good reason(nothing personal).

    As for having bots and other plain cheaters in alliance, I would personally deal with them by removing them from Alliance(however this is not my call). Saying "we will never have clean game" is the truth 100%, however at least people should know there will be some consequences. If no1 would truly care about botting, then for sure every guild out there would run some kind of programs.

    Another reason why I hate people running bots, is that this game have like under 10 guilds playing GvG + there isn't that many chances to have good games anymore. Why bother to bot in this game and ruin the even slightest fun there's left. That's why I also hate people who say it doesn't matter, cos it does matter with longevity at long run. Legit guilds and players have stopped playing solely for this reason over the years.

    Another reason is by starting these programs like Teaching Scrims and Banned Battles as example are ways to increase activity in general and botting is always countering the effort on those. The organizer party has to put lots of effort on running those and people who run bots basically give middle finger on them.

    Now 99% that Arenet won't do anything about botting at this stage of GW, however that doesn't mean we as community shouldn't do anything about it(we do what we can do). Also I agree with statement "there's more suspicious people", however as long as there isn't any concrete evidence what we can really do? If someone thinks someone is running bots, better provide evidence in form of video. I'm pretty sure he/she will have to answer for it, no matter how known the player is.

    Also I have already said this lots of times, at this stage of GW(lack of players) I would personally give anyone a chance to play legit, even if they were notorious botters in past or atm. Chance means a chance, don't go back to botting again once people have accepted you(this was the case with Zynkh). After you do something like this, people don't trust you at all and this is the reason people don't want you around anymore. Will people forgive Zynkh yet again? I guess we will see with in time.

    I could go really long with this topic, but I have been repeating myself over years already.

  20. Ali

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