CHEAT looking for mAT replacement

  1. 10 months ago

    Hello everyone, sadly our prot has had family issues. So we need either a potent frontliner or a prot (maybe something else we can switch around)

    No we wont bot.

    Much love xoxo

  2. put me in coach

  3. Edited 10 months ago by Martyn

    We're still looking. If anyone would like to play, throw either me or Alex a PM. IGNs - Playboy Bunny Alex, Sharktopus Martyn (we are fairly flexible so we can probably take any role)

  4. full ty

  5. @thetragedy full ty

    Who are you?

  6. I can frontline if you need 1 I am LF MAT

  7. we r full sry @Dirty Spikes

  8. gl tho :)

  9. @thetragedy we r full sry @Dirty Spikes

    you so funny XD XD XD

    On a serious note, we got an old friend but since im not sure if the other people show up. Need 1 more i suppose.

    Pm me ingame: Rain Drop Drop Top

  10. why is that funny?

  11. @Dirty Spikes why is that funny?

    Cause hes a retard and isnt in the team. A random shitter that sucks dick, the usual HURR DURR troll.

    Btw. here is my stream:


  12. We are literally full LOL I said we're full and we actually are, I don't know wyd alex

  13. since ace ditched us mid swiss rounds, holla at me.

    Still need another one


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