CHEAT looking for mAT replacement

  1. 10 months ago

    Hello everyone, sadly our prot has had family issues. So we need either a potent frontliner or a prot (maybe something else we can switch around)

    No we wont bot.

    Much love xoxo

  2. put me in coach

  3. 9 months ago
    Edited 9 months ago by Martyn

    We're still looking. If anyone would like to play, throw either me or Alex a PM. IGNs - Playboy Bunny Alex, Sharktopus Martyn (we are fairly flexible so we can probably take any role)

  4. full ty

  5. @thetragedy full ty

    Who are you?

  6. I can frontline if you need 1 I am LF MAT

  7. we r full sry @Dirty Spikes

  8. gl tho :)

  9. @thetragedy we r full sry @Dirty Spikes

    you so funny XD XD XD

    On a serious note, we got an old friend but since im not sure if the other people show up. Need 1 more i suppose.

    Pm me ingame: Rain Drop Drop Top

  10. why is that funny?

  11. @Dirty Spikes why is that funny?

    Cause hes a retard and isnt in the team. A random shitter that sucks dick, the usual HURR DURR troll.

    Btw. here is my stream:


  12. We are literally full LOL I said we're full and we actually are, I don't know wyd alex

  13. since ace ditched us mid swiss rounds, holla at me.

    Still need another one


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