1. 9 months ago

    Hi guys.

    I'm a fairly vocal infuse/midliner (no ranger) looking for a guild to play in, do the odd AT and improve and get back into the game a little more.
    I returned to the game about 8-10 weeks ago and have been attending teach scrimms.

    I'm probably not very good but I try hard :)

    I am british but play on GMT and EST timezones.
    I cannot speak euro.

    Msg me on here is best way to find me, or add me in game and i'll be online at teach scrimms/bb

    elena gets messy/elena night angel/elena in spamadania

  2. holye

    22 Jan 2017 Moderator

    Great attitude and communicative! Best of luck Elena! It's been fun playing with you in teaching scrims!

  3. Ali

    23 Jan 2017 Member

    He's British, what more can you want


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