QQ is looking for more!

  1. 5 months ago


    We need everything, everyone is welcome!

    PM: Eryn Isilya

  2. @Eryn Hello!

    We need everything, everyone is welcome is to carry me!

    PM: Eryn Isilya

    fixet !

  3. Janni

    Jan 24 Member

    @thewar fixed!


  4. Im interested, do you gvg regularely? Ign: Great Catatafish

  5. 4 months ago

    IGN punisher zero, same question as above :)

  6. Hey,
    i played very long ago, was around 6 years. I read the learner thread and i think about get a new account if i find people to play with (of course pvp).
    You also take people who are abit :D rusty?? I would love to play again!




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