Buying Ectos/Keys/Arms for $

  1. 5 months ago
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    Hey guys,Im buying ectos keys and arms,and some ppl I bought from already can give me feedback here.
    Godly can be middleman for the trades,and I have no problem with doing smaller trades.

    Add me on skype if you want to sell me some: bartulovic7

  2. Godly

    Jan 28 Administrator
    Edited 5 months ago by Godly

    Mr Businessman is trustworthy enough, even without middleman. I was middleman for some trades though and also I sold him trims and ectos/zkeys etc before(over years).

  3. Just did traded 83 Armbraces with no issues and no middleman, thanks Ivan!

  4. No problem bro,anytine again. If anyone else is selling feel free to pm me on skype

  5. Zynkh

    Jan 28 Member

    Pm'd you.'

  6. Accolade

    Jan 29 Member

    Ivan is absolutely trustworthy if anyone is suspicious...sold him thousands of ecto and zkey, no middleman no issues.

  7. Robert

    Feb 2 Member

    Just got $140.00 worth of Ecto sold to Ivan. Very trustworthy!

  8. yall poor

  9. Buying more :)

  10. JornF

    Feb 6 Member

    how much for 2k ecto?

  11. Stark

    Feb 6 Member

    2.5 - 3.0 $ per stack ecto

  12. Hey Honors!! How you doing! It's been a long time (It's me, the singer Ivan) :P .

    In the past played/traded with this guy and is totally trustworthy =)

  13. Honors my brother, you still trying to grind and bot hard to buy those drugs and party hard in real life, some things never change.

  14. 4 months ago

    starham,ofc bro :D

    Buying more arms and keys,pm me on skype


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