1. 9 months ago

    we all miss these happening right? should we try organise what days people want to do them? surely we can organise that much!

  2. inb4 i get trolled to hell and back over something irrelevant by someone i dont know

  3. no one even plays at's anymore? xd also david told me ur secretly irish

  4. thats a troll i dont mind ;) ATs sometimes get played, but fuck knows when. even if we just organised one good AT a week?

  5. also its not true

  6. fair enough.

    @Martyn also its not true


  7. Hemo

    12 Feb 2017 Member

    I have been wondering aswell, I think its been ~3 months for me since I have played an AT with more than 3 "real" guilds in it, for example last night AT didnt even happen and usually sunday at's have been quite active

  8. Godly

    13 Feb 2017 Administrator

    Well yesterday is bad example, the AT didn't happen because someone decided to be an asshole. There was 4 real guilds playing (I think), but someone decided to pull guild off just before AT starting time. AT:s have been happening still quite regularly, but having usually 3 real guilds at most is true though.

    However this is half-true, but then again it's hard to mass organise these days, because people tend to have way different schedules whenever they're free to play. Obviously I can speak only for myself, but example I only know on that specific day can I play or not. My guild is trying to play on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays usually.

    I would say if people want to pull off something like this, then it should be either: Mon, Tue, Thu or Sunday. Wednesday is too early for most people and it's also Banned Battles day. Friday and Saturday goes to weekend category.

    Also @Martyn, I was the one who sarcastically said this is nothing new at ally chat yesterday and here's why. People have cried about this since 2-3 years and that pulling out guilds in last second have been around longer time(people are just assholes). As for organising bigger and better AT:s, I don't see anything wrong about it and it has tried earlier.

    Tldr is there always has been some "dry seasons" since past years. People always complain this. Also people should note last week was HA week, meaning some people went there instead of AT.

  9. Godly

    13 Feb 2017 Administrator

    Oh and I might just add this(because multiple people already mention it). The only good solution I can think for this one is, that people would actually start to use Discord. Organizing groups and getting guests would be that easier for AT:s and people wouldn't even need to log on gw or even stay at comp, cos it works pretty well even at phone.


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