2017 February Monthly

  1. 5 months ago


    Feb 18 Administrator

    Big day today, lets see who sucks less. Lots of competition and remember to hide your chat.

  2. I don't even know who played this month. Should be a good mAT. :D

  3. Edited 5 months ago by Nick

    Friendly reminder that you can only post on qq if you have champ 9+ and 20+ golds

  4. Oh, so it's Zurrie and Fisto only.

  5. Deleted 5 months ago by Ali
  6. Godly

    Feb 18 Administrator

    Deleted 33 minutes ago by Ali.

  7. Maik

    Feb 18 Member

    maT MVP: Quality Shieldset

  8. Enjoyed playing Invoke spike vs CW. Too bad it didn't last long :(

  9. antzjeh

    Feb 18 Member

    who won?

  10. Martyn

    Feb 18 Member

    no one yet

  11. Motoko

    Feb 18 Member

    Shitty botters did not win gold.

    GW saved another month.

  12. Ishtli

    Feb 18 Member

    RIP vD the 2017 gold cape edition.

  13. @Motoko Shitty botters did not win gold.

    GW saved another month.

    wait but dont u bottet , syncet too ?

  14. also gz HEIL 5 / 0 then losing quarters !

  15. Maik

    Feb 18 Member


  16. Godly

    Feb 18 Administrator
    Edited 5 months ago by Godly

    At least I still have rum :)

    Oh and gz

  17. LittleYoshi

    Feb 18 Moderator


  18. gz

  19. Luv

    Feb 19 Member

    Any VoDs from the mAT besides Nick's?

  20. I'll upload two [Flux] matches.

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