1. 5 months ago

    lf guild (can play mesmer, def chars and runner)
    last guilds: honk guilds and skittles guilds
    only here @ weekends
    pm me here pls

  2. Cryptor

    Feb 23 Member

    @jermaine ; skittles guilds


  3. Skittles

    Feb 23 Member


  4. Honk

    Feb 23 Member

    (He was in one of your guilds a few months ago)

  5. Edited 5 months ago by Straham

    @jermaine ; last guilds: skittles guilds

    @Cryptor ???????????

    @Skittles whoru?

    First lesson of the day...........

    Do not write you played for any guilds of the most fat americans, Mister Skittles and company.

  6. Lemstar

    Feb 24 Administrator


  7. Americans > fat americans

  8. Well im not online for the next 2 weeks cuz of trump wall in mexico . Btw hey z , visit me @ playa del carmen :)

  9. Zynkh

    Feb 27 Member

    @jermaine ; That's too far from where I live, have fun though!


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