[PZZZ] LF More BYOBers

  1. 9 months ago
    Edited 9 months ago by Dirty Spikes

    Yo peeps,

    Been awhile since I have seen any real BYOB guild join the Fun/Dead ass MATS and AT's but with that said we are LF so chill fun VOCAL players that want to play BYOB gvg in AT's and MAT hit me up on here or in game IGN Dirty Spikes or D E C R Y P T O R should be fun PZZZ out.

    Also LF ALLY name Unwanted Players [PZZZ]

  2. pls no XD

  3. @sync pls no XD


  4. Don't be scared!! lol

  5. we're undefeated against Ns when it comes to monthlies

  6. Godly

    1 Mar 2017 Administrator

    I bet Sync is talking about byob, cos he hates it(to play against).

  7. i'd be down

  8. nice gl

  9. @antzjeh holla at me bro I will shoot you a invite!!

    @Tower Flag ;Stand hurry up and join!

    @Fisto Thx!

    Still need a ALLY!!

  10. @Godly LoL everyone hates it. But it can be hard to beat with good tactics!

  11. @Dirty Spikes @Godly LoL everyone hates it. But it can be hard to beat with good tactics!

    Or when your opponents are less effective because they are too busy laughing at your builds or just too stunned...


  12. Godly

    3 Mar 2017 Administrator

    ^Rum fixes everything, can't lose with it.

  13. So Far we got 7 players we could use some more few can't do this MAT but if you want to join hit us up. Few other IGN are Honorable Leader > Ace Biaa > Sadistic Phenom > T I L T L O R D >

    Also still need a ALLY if anyone has room Guild Name : Unwanted Players [PZZZ]

  14. well if there are guilds out there that don't have a ally like us we will start one if you send me your guild names.

  15. 8 months ago


  16. I would like to reach out to all guildless people out there to come join here. the goal would be to get 20+ players to just log on for C ATs and play some fun BYOB builds and just have a good time right now we got 12+ players most are 7dayers. Hit us up if you want to join thanks!

  17. Second Wind builds ok? :)

  18. Hopefully you can make it to top 16 gentlemans.

  19. If you are LF a home hit me up we still plan on doing random ATs still.

  20. Gentlemans please stop trying


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