GW Mini-Games Ideas Please

  1. 9 months ago

    I decided to make a document with all kind of different mini-games you could play in your guild hall in scrimmages with your friends.
    Idea is to play some games to have some fun with friends and in the meantime learn and improve essential skills for Guild Wars.
    Most games will also require less than 16 people like real GvG's need, which should make it alot easier to play some games when you are bored and got some people online.

    I could use more ideas.
    I'd prefer if people pm'ed me in game or on discord.
    My IGN is: Ra The Last Ranger.
    Wouldn't know for discord, but you could probably find me on the QQ discord.

  2. Reversed Capture the flag:

    A team scores a point if it can run it's own flag to the opponents guild Lord. Playing fixed bars such as dodge ball mesmers could spice things up.

  3. Sounds cool!

  4. Luv

    10 Mar 2017 Member

    Testing Zurrie derv against all kinds of characters, duh.

  5. We always play 1vs1 war in our GH much fun :)

  6. Edited 9 months ago by K R S C H K R

    Luv Testing Zurrie derv against all kinds of characters, duh.

    Last time I did that it resulted in my opponent's rage quit. :D

    @Hashラ Isn't the equip fixed, too?

    E: I suggest adding another type of 1v1 in the spirit of the rules of the duel torunament . This set of rules (which is not totally fixed, for a non-tournament environment it should definitely be altered at some point) rewards not only player skills, it encourages to play build based mind games and rewards creative and foreseeing build creation. This way it will help to deepen the participant's understanding of what kind of build is strong or weak against others. Additionally it leads players to making unusual builds bringing back some non-meta fun.


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