please read if you are looking for love

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  2. 2 weeks ago

    idk I mean if I see that pic I think lose some weight

  3. Sure but someone can be "not skinny"/ "not athletic", without actually being "fat", do you know that?

  4. Edited 2 weeks ago by SISTRENS

    I just find u a bit overweight. Then again it does not matter cause we are here to play the game rather than commenting on one another's physical appearances. It would be easier to do so if you'd stop entering a dozen alts in RA to report random people, me included. I just said if u have time for that you should have time to lose some weight, it really is good for ur health

  5. If your standard is that women who are my size are considered "overweight" to you, alright then but that explains to me that you actually know nothing about the size of an average woman. But I've been told you're actually into guys so that makes sense why you wouldn't really know much about women.

    Oh and I've never actually claimed to be skinny, and I've just refuted the fact that I'm 'fat' or 'overweight'. I'll continue reporting you with alts because you have a horrible personality and I don't like you. But feel free to do the same.

  6. nty I'm not desperate

  7. tits or stfu

  8. but you added me, a stranger online, on snapchat in order to send me a picture of yourself to prove you're 'skinny' - even though males typically store fat on their gut/stomach anyway, so your picture actually didn't prove anything except for the fact you were, in fact, desperate.


  9. Godly

    Mar 9 Administrator

    Share your snapchat to the QQ.

  10. I didn't find much love yet in here :(
    @Godly why am I not Anonymous Bob yet?

  11. I mean it was not much effort adding you on snap for 30 secs. You r not getting explicit pics so calm down. And stop being so pressed for being called fat

  12. Ra  @Godly why am I not Anonymous Bob yet?

    As you know I Am Anonymous Bob.

  13. Godly

    Mar 9 Administrator

    @Ra ;

  14. You literally stalk me on GW local and type that I'm fat whenever you see me, you admitted to making an entirely new snapchat account just to send me that picture? but o k sis, you're totally 'not desperate'.

    + I don't want explicit pictures of you. You're much too feminine for me to be interested in you like that.

  15. Yes ik that you only like colombian cartel kinda guys dw

  16. Well I'm into actual men, not boys, and certainly not little girls like you. Enjoy the reports and I hope you find a nice rugged man to satisfy your obvious needs, both physical and mental.

  17. This is why you have a virtual relation with a mental spaniard I guess, cuz he is a real man

  18. It's so cute how a few minutes ago you said that you weren't desperate yet now you've revealed what a little stalker you are, thinking you know personal things about me, aha. stop reaching sis

  19. Godly

    Mar 9 Administrator

    What about Ladyboys?

  20. everybody knows that stuff about you fattie. Happens when you literally post your personal shit all over a guildwars forum. Now I see you still mad as fuck for being called fat but maybe try taking it as motivation for losing some weight rather than being so passive aggressive. Gotta keep your virtual man

  21. Haha, what a little stalker you are. I'm going to purge you from my snapchat now just in case.

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