Last Man Standing

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  2. last week

    @Ishtli #obsessed

    Bonus points if you prove you're not a man irl

  3. Edited last week by Ishtli ) The ball is on your field~

  4. Is anyone going to tell her that link isn't working or do I have to

  5. Godly

    Mar 14 Administrator

    No cat fight?

  6. Guess she hasn't heard of burden of proof yet, only reverse burden of proof. Owell. So much for her talk of going to a law school...

  7. If I can prove that I'm in law school will you prove that you are not a man? @Ishtli

  8. Sorry, this isn't some bargaining deal. The ball is on your field, and has been from the start, bro. Better move that chubby butt of yours and present solid evidence. Pronto.

  9. locked due to shitposting


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