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    FIRST: 'sistrens'

    • My theory is that Hashberry, Sistrens and Bahita Nabsjoo may actually be 2 people sharing 3 accounts.
    • Hashberry and Sistrens sync often in RA, however, when people accused Sistrens of being Bahita Nabsjoo we saw frequently Bahita Nabsjoo playing with Sistrens on monk in RA together. Yet Hashberry was never syncing with the both of them.
    • Bahita Nabsjoo hated my guts. He would always use the fact that I online dated someone from Guild Wars as a kind of insult to me. We used to be friends and I knew he was gay, so I sent him a picture of my bf at the time to show him that he wasn't some ugly nerd online. Now Sistrens has posted about how I have online dated an "ugly spaniard" even though Sistrens himself has not been privvy to any of that information and it is weird that he would know something like that about me. Sure he may have heard I date someone online, but "ugly spaniard" implies that he has seen the picture that I sent to Bahita. And my e-boyfriend was not Spanish, but may appear to be Spanish to someone who wouldn't know his nationality.
    • Sistrens also had a name similar to one that Bahita Nabsjoo used to have on his Characters. Something similar like "Mhedlina etc" that Bahita had played in the past on monk.
    • There has also been reports from some in HA who play with QeKz and Sistrens that Sistrens is the 'same person' as Hash; like QeKz jokingly asking questions such as "are you playing with yourself?"
    • Sistrens has been known to bot in Random Arenas from many players. Many would agree with the fact he has used a bot on Mesmer at least as early as a month or so ago. Some months ago I was in a guild, undercover, in the QeKz alliance. I said in the alliance chat that I thought Sistrens Formation was botting on mesmer. I don't mind people who bot on mesmer, but I just think it's fair that people know. QeKz people, such as Sr Noob Monk, agreed that Sistrens was using a bot aswell. But someone who was very quick defend Sistrens was either Windrider or Hashberry, can't recall which but was definitely one of those 2 and I'll ask someone who witnessed this if they remember. The key thing here that was said, regardless of which of them said it, was that Sistrens was described by this person as a "g11 player" and, therefore, was not a bot. There are a few g11 players. Windrider is one of them though. Sistrens, I think, is lying about who he actually is.

    SECOND: 'anonymous' (forum user)


    • Windrider Tormentor uses his alt(s) (Orange M O N K/Three Melee Fails/H E A D C U T [chmp] and pretends to be an entirely new person or 'friend of qekz' rather than just himself on an alt. He's deeply adamant on his main that he does not use alts but I am 100% sure that this is his alt account.
    • This account has pmed me disgusting things to harass me similar to the harassment I receive on this forum but in PM where he likes to say that he's a friend of QeKz. Even though he'll show up with no armor but standard PvP gear and play the same AoG grenth dervish builds that Windrider uses. I've also got his accounts added under their original older names, which have been deleted, that is further suspicious.
    • I've also never seen HEADCUT in a team with Windrider Tormentor despite the fact they are supposedly just such close 'friends'. But I have seen HEADCUT in teams with other QeKz players.
    • This leads me to believe that he really doesn't want people to believe that it is him using an alt, it's something he's conscious about. Let me say also there's nothing wrong with using an alt. But it's the denial that makes me wonder why he is so self conscious about being 'known'?
    • He denies ever using any alts at all, despite the fact it is obvious and people who have either been reported by him or sync with him know that it is Windrider. There's simply too much circumstantial evidence and most of RA know that QeKz use alts in dead hours or when they want to report someone or when they just want to finish their 25 wins.
    • Also, the language used on both accounts are exactly the same, there's no difference in typing and both accounts are just so angry when they see me, you can tell straight away that it's him because of this and all above.
    • So, someone who wants to be anonymous on a forum...coupled with the fact that there is someone using alt(s) that is deeply self conscious about being 'found out' for using alts in game...coupled with the fact that both flame and hate me beyond what a normal person would...and if windrider did not have an account on teamquitter then how do they have exactly the same insults both ingame and on the forum...
    • Furthermore, when I called out 'Anonymous' in another thread for being Windrider Tormentor, he decided to say that he was not "Tormentor, Paradox or Raffy". Why would he say Tormentor instead of Windrider? He is either close enough to Windrider as a friend or acquaintance to describe him as "Tormentor", or the more likely option is that he wants to be known himself as "Tormentor" so that's the name he calls himself by and not 'Windrider' which most people use to say who he is and is actually the first part of his char's IGN that he plays mostly on.



    • Anonymous is on good terms with QeKz judging by his forum posts. Let us assume that what I said above, about Anonymous being Windrider, and Hashberry's involvement somewhere with Bahita and Sistrens, is correct for a second.
    • Anonymous doesn't (or didn't) like Sistrens very much, judging by the previous forum posts where he says "Memories of Bahita Nabsjoo" in the thread regarding the identity of Sistrens, that wouldn't be something a friend of Sistrens would say if Sistrens is trying to defend his identity.
    • Hashberry, funnily enough, is not on good terms with most of QeKz and has left the guild. He's flamed QeKz in the past and probably egos just clashed between himself and the other members somewhere, I don't know.
    • It would make sense why Anonymous would then 'expose' Sistrens to be Bahita Nabsjoo. They all knew that they were sharing accounts, but their loyalty dies when they stop being friends. Something probably happened between the big egos and they went their separate ways but they still don't like each other and know each other's alts and different identities so 'Anonymous' felt fine to expose that since he doesn't have any obligations to Hashberry anymore due to the fact he left.

    - Leading me to believe Anonymous is Windrider, or failing that, if he is not Windrider then he is almost certainly a member of QeKz. That's why the other options would be Raffy or Paradox Personation as to who 'Anonymous' is IG.

  2. And all this because i exposed your fatness

  3. If anyone 'exposed my fatness' it would be Sistrens. So are you actually all the same person?

  4. I am Sistrens, Tormentor, Paradox, Sr Noob Monk, Mind Maze, Walky, Raffy, Hashberry and L Etau

  5. Deleted last week by Anonymous
  6. Im also Braindead Murphy, Ice Tea, Haze, Num, Karla Grey and Dog Boy

  7. You still weigh more than all us

  8. In the name of all the non-botting players, i accuse you of being fat as an elephant

  9. Edited last week by Ariana

    You did that thing again where you call Windrider Tormentor as "Tormentor" instead of "Windrider Tormentor" or "Windrider". It's a very subtle thing, but it's obvious to someone who knows that it's you. Just notice how none of the other names you gave are like that, any shortened names you gave are the first word of the names and not the second word.

    The fact you're posting 5 times in a row shows (i) you're worried about being called out, especially for alt use, so you're becoming extremely defensive and starting to attack me and (ii) you're someone who plays Random Arenas exclusively since all those names are of people who play RA.

  10. Every1 calls him Tormentor, you dumb af -.-
    I just made 5 shorr posts instead of 1 boring bible ... you should better spend your time and money getting some makeup... if you cant do anything with your disproportionate body, at least try to change your disgusting face..
    Btw, I attacked you since the first moment if you didnt realize

  11. Sorry I mean Every1 call ME tormentor...

  12. Edited last week by Ariana

    No. Nobody apart from QeKz would call 'Windrider Tormentor' as just 'Tormentor'. That's something you want to be called because you think it sounds good

    You never used to call yourself 'Tormentor', in actual fact previously most people knew you by the name 'The Tomb Raider' before you were in QeKz. That's what you played most on, nobody ever really saw all this 'Minipets Tormentor, Windrider Tormentor, The Last Tormentor' etc. until you joined that guild. So it makes perfect sense that once you join the QeKz guild you carved a newer identity for yourself. Your reference to 'Windrider Tormentor' as 'Tormentor' is just so telling. Even though you're pretending not to be that person it is clear that you still want to retain that sense of identity and you hold that person in high regard (compared with the names you gave of other people in RA above you didn't shorten any of them to their second word, only this name as 'Tormentor' sounds better than 'Windrider'). This also explains why you're paranoid about being found out and have to insult me anonymously over a forum calling me fat even though it is entirely irrelevant here.

  13. Worthless....i wont dignify such stupidity with an answer xD
    If you want me to be Windrider i will be your Windrider!
    Although you still fat...leave the donuts

  14. Btw i forgot to say im Kobe and Schleefi

  15. @Ariana I really think no one cares here.. you destroy RA with your alts and bots & fake qekz guild reporting people for no reason zzz
    I have 2 accounts 1. main 2.pve acc which i barely play

  16. tbh I skimread super fast after reading an already wrong second line ^_^

    imo you also happen to be wrong regarding anonymous - can't confirm though, but I am fairly confident you are, especially *hint hint* seeing the avatar

    @Ariana If anyone 'exposed my fatness' it would be Sistrens.

    well thanks. give credit where credit is due

  17. You forgot to mention her fatness... every post is wrong spent time in the chair, gaining weight... you should change the sausage for the carrot

  18. @Anonymous aka @Windrider, you say that you won't 'dignify such stupidity with a response', yet you replied to this thread within 20 minutes of my posting it and posted 5 times in a row to insult me... It must be 3am+ your time, but that's typical for you since I've seen Windrider on at such times, - no job, no life. Before you come @ me, I'm up late finishing my Uni work right now and not on GW.

    But you know what, I wasn't sure that it was you, until you gave the reaction and responses that you did. Now I'm pretty much certain unless there's evidence given to the contrary. So, you can still insult me, but it won't be very anonymous anymore. And that, I'm sure, makes you scared. Now run away and hide behind your computer screen and keyboard, you sad, sad little man.
    To @HashCute @HashberrYY @Hashberry @Hashラ @hash , sorry wasn't sure which tag to use. You have a habit of making characters then deleting them all to start a new identity so that's why it would not surprise me if it turned out you were helping Bahita Nabsjoo do the same. The problem is not how many accounts you have, it's the fact you log on your friend Sistren's account to help him pretend to be someone else. I have other problems with you but that's irrelevant here and I'll just report you to deal with that simply.

    Yes @Sistrens I thought about the avatar aswell, but I've also stated that if it's not Windrider Tormentor it is likely to be Paradox Personation. But I thought that with my personal experience it's very likely to be Windrider but I've always said he is free to prove me wrong or anyone else for that matter. Also yeah you should probably read the rest. ;)

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    HashCute isnt me and i forgot password on other accs dat simple

  20. @Hashラ HashCute isnt me and i forgot password on other accs LUL dat simple


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