1. 5 months ago

    Hello we are lf 4 active players for aT/scrims/mAT

    We play everyday, and trying to improve as almost all of us didnt play for 7years+

    You can pm : Eternal Frogstomper, I Teh Spartan I, Vision Of Valindor


  2. Luv

    Mar 23 Member
    Edited 5 months ago by Luv

    Alright I'm not worth pm'ing apparently
    lf guild

  3. Godly

    Mar 23 Administrator

    I wouldn't pm Luv either.

    ps. gl

  4. Honk

    Mar 23 Member

    Its for the best luv

  5. Pm Luv Of The Trees for pros applications please

  6. You didn't mention the best player in your guild, uninstall pls.


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