Synergy Crew [WORK] Reform

  1. 7 months ago

    Hello Everyone,

    I have decided to reform my old guild and plan on running srs builds to add more competitiveness to the game I hope to find a good group that can at least do the C AT 2-4 times a week and would need a frontline partner as well as Prot>Midline>Flag> P.M. A C E M O D E or Birthday Seckz for invite

  2. Good luck Ace and Cal!

  3. Edited 7 months ago by Dirty Spikes

    Thanks Ra!

    Sor Far we have 5 people Ace>Cal>Antz>Lao>Deathcore

    Still need a good Prot > Flag > Mid or front may need few more active players hit us up guys!

  4. i might come prot if its still open. But play time is a bit less than last few months


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