HA 29th of April

  1. 7 months ago

    Let's try to get some HA matches going tonight!
    I know there should be some HA teams forming and would be nice if the rest of the PvP players would join aswell.
    It's something different than the regular GvG scrims we've had the last 2 weeks. Different objectives, dynamics and more team-based.

    Because it's the anniversary there should also be some reward from a daily quest.
    If you play 3 matches or win 1, you get 3 free zkeys or other consumables: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Pilgrimage_to_the_Hall_of_Heroes
    Besides that there's also the daily Zquest, which you can keep collecting rewards which gives you 2 zkeys per 2 wins, if you trade your balth factions for zkeys.

  2. Edited 7 months ago by Sellous

    inflation makes these rewards irrelevant. also, youd still probably face that fag who throws 40 alts in.


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