Free ecto!

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    May 11 Member
    Edited 5 months ago by JornF

    Since after this mAT i wont be on anymore, Im giving away my remaining ecto to whoever wins the mAT. Each person on the team will get a stack each. Good luck!

    Edit: Adding a 100 zkeys ea as well!

  2. Very nice.

    Sad to hear you keep your plan to quit, but who'd stay with GW forever?

  3. JornF

    May 12 Member

    would anyone like to sweeten the pot by adding more?!

  4. Motoko

    May 12 Member

    I'll sell you a permanent invite to zQ for all your ectos.

  5. JornF

    May 12 Member

    lmao too late

  6. JornF

    May 12 Member

    Winnings are now up to 325e and 100zk ea

  7. Honk

    May 13 Member

    Should just sell it for money

  8. JornF

    May 13 Member

    would be like $10 at best, not worth the effort for me ^.^

  9. JornF

    May 15 Member

    so from a nice donation from Maco, the winnings are up to 375zk and 375e each player for the winning team

  10. vvhi7e

    May 16 Member
    Edited 5 months ago by vvhi7e

    Nice but not maybe really the best way at the same time. You are giving your in-game money to people who allready have so much more money than they need regardless of which guild wins the mat a,d t herefore it wont give them any satisfaction if any. While on the other hand u may go to some random pve locations/kamadan and see who trades/sells items of super low worth (new players) and give them some of your posessions and make them trully happy cause it would take them months to get such money. I had people pm me for weeks after iv done so of how gratefully they were (how much it helped them). Just my two cents still nice thing from you to do sir.

  11. it's meant to be an incentive, not abolish gw poverty.

  12. Motoko

    May 16 Member

    @Strange Shisha it's meant to be an incentive, not abolish gw poverty.

    I run a government program in zQ to let Jorn wear a gold trim.

    I love helping the less fortunate :).

  13. JornF

    May 16 Member


  14. Hamstorm

    May 17 Member

    What about awarding the ectos to the team with the most creative builds in the mAT?

  15. JornF

    May 17 Member

    probably wont be able to do that , do to the obs being broken.

  16. True :/ Guess we need someone uploading vids (with tempalte codes in the video description :D) in each team.

  17. @Godly

  18. Godly

    May 17 Administrator

    I must confess, I have been quite lazy to bother deal with this(obs mode). I send some regards to Anet.

  19. 4 months ago


    May 19 Member

    I'll also give a q10 prot BDS to the best prot of the mAT. Whether that be the winning teams prot or not, i will have a few unbiased people decide who deserves it most i guess, lol.

  20. Unbiased people who have to be playing the matches (or watch streams and wait for recordings) in order to even see people prot. Remember that there's no way to observe the matches ingame.

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