Free ecto!

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  2. 6 months ago


    20 May 2017 Member

    @Maco I'll also give a q10 prot BDS to the best prot of the mAT. Whether that be the winning teams prot or not, i will have a few unbiased people decide who deserves it most i guess, lol.

    I'll be on 30 mins before mAT to collect my prize

  3. lol

  4. Maco

    20 May 2017 Member

    @K R S ;C H K R Unbiased people who have to be playing the matches (or watch streams and wait for recordings) in order to even see people prot. Remember that there's no way to observe the matches ingame.

    Is obs broken again? I haven't been on in ages..

  5. Yes, for about 3 weeks now.

  6. @JornF lol

    I won with 8 accounts.

    I'll be on later to collect my prize.

    Thanks bud!

  7. Edited 6 months ago by JornF

    up to 450e 420zk ea now

  8. Maco

    20 May 2017 Member

    Jorn has the prot BDS. Just through a vote here or to him on who deserves it that you vsed i guess since broken obs.

  9. I vote for CHEAT's prot. Removed all shames instantly with veil.

  10. i gave it to 2nd place prot

  11. Maco

    20 May 2017 Member

    Welp, gratz whoever you are! lol

  12. Brock deserves it :)

  13. Since there's no observe there's a memorial entry on finals.


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