2017 May Monthly

  1. 5 months ago


    20 May 2017 Administrator

    Time for new monthly thread I guess? Gl & hf for everyone who's playing :)

    And cos it seems Arenanet decided to be lazy with fixing with fixing obs in time(even though they said they will). I urge to everyone who can stream/record to do so, so we will have something watch after it.

  2. gl&hf@legit guilds

  3. No HDHR :( But at least the japanese team appears to be playing!

  4. Lemstar

    20 May 2017 Administrator


  5. Memorial entries on this mAT:

    Finals [Vk] vs. [EpQ]
    SR 2 [雪語] vs. [Fdp]
    SR 3 [雪語] vs. [Vk]
    QF [雪語] vs. random bots
    SF [雪語] vs. [EpQ]

    I highly doubt that there will be more submissions due to the observe being dead.

  6. Edited 5 months ago by Janni

    With some videos appearing, one could write skills down from recordings. I did that once, but it's some work. Might be useful for Ali in finals.

    Any mAT vids so far?

  7. Ali

    21 May 2017 Member

  8. Thanks, fixed the final according to your video.

  9. Great, so we got at least a fine entry on finals. :)


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