Alliance Battles Bonus Week

  1. 3 months ago


    Jun 26 Member

    Hi everyone!! :) Summer is here! I am just letting everyone know that AB week starts tonight. So, let's all try to hang out in AB American District Kurzick side to get things going?

    I hope you guys tag all your AB friends! Hope to see you soon!!

  2. Ariana

    Jun 26 Member

    Changed to luxon side since Marc's alts are infesting Kurzick XD

  3. 2 months ago


    Jun 28 Member

    L to the OEL.

  4. Ariana

    Jun 29 Member

    Folks: We had good games yesterday so 8pm GMT is where we are aiming to start games today. Anybody coming earlier is much appreciated to get things going.
    And, to Ishtli, I invite you to play AB tonight rather than post on forums like you do all day long. ^^ thanks!

  5. Edited 2 months ago by K R S C H K R

    There have been matches yesterday - free of alts, bots and toxicity. (little proof )

  6. Ariana

    Jul 1 Member

    Hi, thanks for the awesome video, I shared it with the Facebook Group and I use it as a way of helping to show new people what AB is like! So thanks!

    ALLIANCE BATTLES WEEKEND: We aim to start at 8pm GMT. However, we are competing with the usual FA events so I would kindly ask everyone to come early to AB and afk there to help us play. Thank you. So AB tonight @ 8pm GMT

  7. 7 weeks ago
    Edited 7 weeks ago by K R S C H K R

    It's AB week and people actually play. Don't forget to join! (and run BiP, that's fun )


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