StarCraft Remastered: Pre-Order Available

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    Not sure if any of you have been keeping up with it, but I play UMS quite often and I'll definitely replay the campaign upon release

    Announcement: <--- Lots of details and production info

    <--- We are under attack StarCraft/IRL/Korea

    <--- Gameplay video (Not 100% finalized)

    $14.99 + Tax

    Requires StarCraft® Anthology
    • Requires internet connection, Blizzard account, and Blizzard desktop app to play.
    • StarCraft® Remastered will release by the end of August 2017
    •Product details

    Pre-Order Benefits:
    Upgrade Complete
    Pre-purchase Unlocks: Korhal Command Center, Aiur Nexus, and Char Hive.


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