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  1. 3 weeks ago

    So I talked with Ryan today because one of my guildies have been scammed by someone who has hacked Motoko's account, was trying to use him as a middle man for a trade but the person took the money and ran, I contacted Ryan and he told me someone stole his email + account and hes working on getting it back, told me to make a QQ post about it incase anyones gonna try to contact the account ingame to be a trusted trader, people suck is the best thing I can say, if he can't get his account back then ... Sad days.

  2. Godly

    Sep 24 Administrator

    That's some serious business.

    PS. I can trade mod too.

  3. Ali

    Sep 25 Member

    My heart aches

  4. LosDopos

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    TIL: How to ruin a trade mod's rep

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  6. @Sellous Account gets stolen as soon as a trade gets arranged seems a little suspect?

    trade was arranged ingame, Motoko's account was stolen the day of the last MAT, he didnt contact anyone or really know cause he never logs on and he said he had no notifications via his email that his email/pw for guild wars was changed, but he showed me everything, its not on him, its on whomever took the amount of time (which was alot apparently with as many bypasses they went through) to hack his email and take his guild wars account is a sad kid lol

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  8. Motoko

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    Yeah. Sorry kiddos. Did not receive any notifications in my email that anything was modified with my account.

    Even checking my email security history there is no record in the past 30 days of any abnormal access to it (and there is no way to delete that history).

    Which means either:
    Someone had acquired access to my email before 30 days and held out on doing anything with it so I wouldn't check the history...
    Or someone has some tools with Anet to bypass all of that information and toy with the account directly.

    Apologies in advance for anyone who has fallen victim to any scams recently. If Anet squares everything away - great. If not, oh well. I don't play anymore. Consider this my official retirement message from GW Modding. It only serves to do more harm than good at this point.

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    bruh did you seriously hold your phone up and take a picture of your screen in 2017.

  11. Zynkh

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  13. Motoko

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    Here is a thread with all of my stuff on it:

    I have not had a response from Anet since contacting them.

    It also looks my old main account I had years ago was taken. (The one with Marleys name on it, I let him borrow it)

    Accounts that would have my name attached (That I can think of):
    Motoko Kai (Stolen/Hacked/Email Changed)
    Motoko Kai X (If this was hacked - I regained access to it now)
    Wm Motoko (I do have access to this one)
    Motoko Z Q (I do have access to this one)
    Zero Quality Motoko (I do have access to this one)

    I would bet good money either someone has connections within Anet to get access to these accounts - Or Anet has had a breach of data.

    I do have access to my zQ account and ownership of zQ. That screen is from back when I was in zQ whenever from a long time ago. Here is proof of zQ currently:

  14. Motoko

    Sep 27 Member

    The names you have mentioned above as

    Motoko Chroma X
    Motoko Illuminati X
    Motobot Terrorize X
    Warangel Marley
    V I P A R I T A

    Was that account used in a scam? I don't know how to understand the list of names you provided. I am also curious how someone would know the Warangel Marley/V I P A R I T A names exist because Marley borrowed that account literally for a week and never touched it again.

  15. Motoko

    Sep 27 Member

    What is also interesting is:
    All 4 of my alts - When I try and access them - They send me either a text message or an email advising account was accessed.
    But my main account never did that. My account with everything valuable had no security warning. I find that very suspect.

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  17. Motoko

    Sep 27 Member

    Considering zQ was held on an account not associated with any email and my main has been in Danny's guild for months... the guild zQ has zero relation to this ordeal.

    I will post email proof once Anet gets off its fat ass and does something about this. This proof will be provided for peace of mind for people who care.

  18. LosDopos

    Sep 28 Member

    You won't be able to prove your innocence and logically it's easier to come to the conclusion that you are guilty

    You should become a judge

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  20. Accolade

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    I would for sure pretend to act dumb for 1k IRL in 20 minutes anyone who wouldnt is deal with shady people you get shady results does everyone forget motoko is the biggest syncer in game? NO surprises here

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