GW Is Sexist

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    As we all know, the sex you choose for your character has the side effect of altering your game performance; however, I believe that no one took the time to comprehensively assess the impact of biological gender on each profession. Here, I outline a qualitative summary of my findings, providing explanations for the most controversial cases; conclusively, I deduce that Guild Wars mechanics have an intrinsic preference for male characters.

    I will evaluate the impact of sex (M/F) on game performance using four ordinal variables: indifferent, slightly favoured, favoured, strongly favoured. These should be sufficiently self-explanatory.

    - Warrior
    Axe/Sword: (F) slightly favoured.
    Hammer: (M) strongly favoured.
    Other Weapons: You need to uninstall. You know who you are.

    Explanation: While I agree that axes and swords benefit from a female wielder, it is still possible to brandish them as a male Warrior. On the contrary, wielding hammers on a female character is almost impossible, and automatically results in disastrous performances. Example: Oo No Chance Oo.

    - Ranger
    Bow: Indifferent
    Melee weapon: (M) slightly favoured.
    Trapper: (F) slightly favoured.

    - Monk
    Prot, Flagger: (M) favoured.
    Infuse: (F) slightly favoured.
    4v4 Healer: (M) favoured.
    Hybrid (other formats): Indifferent.

    - Elementalist
    Any: (F) slightly favoured.

    Explanation: This is arguably one of the most perplexing conclusions; that is particularly true because of the relatively important quantity of male Elementalists within the guild I am currently in. Nevertheless, it is my firm believe that female Elementalists are minimally stronger than their male counterparts, regardless of the designed attribute.
    Example: contemporarily with the deterioration of Hubet Hamsterhurter’s gameplay, stemming from a drastic playtime diminution, T E M P E S T X arose, in an attempt to artificially enhance performances.

    - Necromancer
    Blood: (F) slightly favoured.
    Curses: (M) slightly favoured.

    - Mesmer
    Illusion: (M) slightly favoured.
    Domination: (M) favoured.

    Explanation: I am unsure whether the male sex favours, or strongly favours, a domination Mesmer’s performance. Difficulties in measurement are a consequence of the widespread awareness of the superiority of the male Mesmer, which resulted in a shortage of female ones, making the evaluation challenging. The only two examples among so-called top tier players that come to my mind are Only Legit C Ten – suggesting a strong alteration – and V E R Y N I C E. The consistently excellent performances of the latter seem to reduce the probability of a formidable gender effect on Mesmer mechanics; nevertheless, they do not invalidate the existence of a tangible effect, for two reasons. Firstly, V E R Y N I C E wears a gown that creates volume in the lower body, possibly mitigating the negative effects of the female sex on Mesmer; secondly, and more importantly, I do not recall V E R Y N I C E playing on a male Mesmer, making a comparative performance assessment impossible. I hereby kindly encourage V E R Y N I C E to play on a male Mesmer, to help us address the gender issue for said profession.

    - Assassin
    Melee weapon: Indifferent.
    Assacaster: (M) favoured.

    - Ritualist
    Restoration: Indifferent
    Channeling: (M) slightly favoured.
    Melee weapon: Indifferent

    - Paragon
    Any: Indifferent
    - Dervish
    Avatar: (M) slightly favoured.
    Other: (M) favoured.

    As evident, while Guild Wars alters game performances in relation to sex in a different fashion for each profession, the overall impact of such mechanics has a preponderantly positive effect for male characters, and vice versa for female ones. While I understand that Guild Wars was originally launched in a different social environment – just think that women’s suffrage in most of Europe, and the US, was yet to be! – Corporate Social Responsibility requires ANet & NCSoft to adapt to the changed circumstances, and make any effort to provide equal opportunities for female characters. I started a support ticket to raise awareness on the issue; everyone is welcome to do the same, and join me in this crusade for civility.

  2. bs

    Play big male warriors and mainteam characters, but small female monks and split characters. Wear camouflage armor on monks and split characters, but ugly bright stuff on warriors. Try to have your vulnerable targets easy to visually miss.

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    I can't play on male mes.

  4. LosDopos

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    People playing female warriors are just weird.

  5. JornF

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    Who are you referring to about the Warrior using other weapons? Scythe war is fuckin strong... just sayin' lol...

  6. Luv

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    What struck me upon reading this thread was the scandalous lack of the transgender option

  7. Sellous

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    Gender in guild wars is only sexist when being concerned about hit boxes for say body blocking. Most people aren't aware of the actual size/units ppl take up, so texmod used to be able to be used to outline your player box. Although you can no longer do that.

    But if you know most 4 to 3 person blocks can be pulled off by 2 people :)

  8. Strange Shisha

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    back to tumblr you lesbian


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