Left without saying goodbye..

  1. last week


    Nov 30 Member

    Left Guild Wars without saying bye to people. Game is uninstalled as is GW2... Its been an interesting experience. So whoever is left have fun!! OH.. and see yuh nerds!!!

  2. Maverick

    Dec 2 Member

    i come on for like 2 mins everyday but yeah you can count me also in as basically uninstalled. Was an insane experience meeting you all. Hope someday there will be something like gw1 was again. Until that take care :)

  3. Exile

    Dec 4 Member
    Edited last week by Exile

    About 7 years too late. This games trash and has been for some time. Welcome to the real world of gaming. Try some god games like fortnite/Poe/Grim dawn and shit

  4. JornF

    Dec 4 Member

    Playing Rust and Overwatch mainly, soon its about to be nothing for a while. ^.^

  5. Exile

    Dec 4 Member

    well those are both horrible games too. from shit to shit. what an embarrassment you are.

  6. Lemstar

    Dec 4 Administrator

    how are you gonna go in on a man for playing shit games and then tell him to play fortnite

    cmon exile

  7. Exile

    Dec 5 Member
    Edited last week by Exile

    What you talking about dude fortnite is bae.


    If pubg ever actually optimized their game so it didnt feel like I was playing a fucking down syndrome retarded first person shooter with potato graphics i would play it but until then, fornite is bae

  8. 4 days ago


    Dec 8 Member

    had not much time for games lately outside of overwatch and helldivers. but this one is pretty nice http://store.steampowered.com/app/504370/Battlerite/


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