ab week

  1. last year

    its ab week friends

  2. its over now. next ab week feb 8

  3. -image-

  4. -image-

  5. ¯\(º_o)/¯

  6. Add me on love live u scum

  7. actually dl this game its better + less ladies to manage https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/idolmaster-cinderella-girls/id1016318735?l=en&mt=8

    next ab march 21

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  9. nice link bitch

  10. 10 months ago


  11. Godly

    15 Jun 2016 Administrator

    Wanna play AB with me mr Floris.

  12. Ofcourse! Hope there will be matches again tonight

  13. 8 months ago

    @Ra ; bump

  14. nice

  15. i went to ab, nobody there

  16. rip AB

  17. 2 months ago


  18. sync

    Feb 20 Member

    If someone wants to join luxon alliance gimmi a pm in game and I'll inv you!
    I I Sync I I or Turtle Invasion

  19. Godly

    Feb 20 Administrator

    Ready for AB!

  20. Prose

    Feb 21 Member

    ty euros for reminding me its ab week but if u could vacate my thread now thx
    need some buds to play with

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