ab week

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  2. 2 months ago


    Feb 21 Member

    @Prose ty euros for reminding me its ab week but if u could vacate my thread now thx
    need some buds to play with


  3. 8 weeks ago


    Feb 23 Member

    for everyone who wanted me to stream ab there u go fools

  4. Honk

    Feb 23 Member

    why is your camera half your screen

  5. Honk

    Feb 23 Member

    wait and who wanted you to stream ab

  6. Ariana

    Feb 23 Member

    w0w excuse me there was drama a while ago about it

  7. Wow u gained weight pretty quick. Or are you on cortisone?

  8. Ariana

    Feb 23 Member


  9. Godly

    Feb 23 Administrator

    @Honk why is your camera half your screen

    Yea, why isn't it whole screen.

  10. Ariana

    Feb 23 Member

    its covering up my chat box for privacy reasons

  11. Ali

    Feb 24 Member

    I haven't seen a girl in 11 years, this was too much for me.

  12. What a face of licking dicks in twos

  13. Edited 8 weeks ago by Straham

    You have a face on your makeup also 4 seconds of doing................. (?)

  14. Fisto

    Feb 24 Member

    Now this karla girl should do the exact same vid as ariana the difference is shes to ugly to make it and after she watched that video of ariana shes depressive in life and nearly kills herself.

  15. Mister Fisto, I feel bad for being the one that tells you this but Karla Whale won't do this kind of thing for two simple reasons.................

    1. She's fat
    2. She's ugly

    Move along.

  16. Fisto virgin

  17. sry but ariana is ugly as fuck omg eu teeth LUL
    @Fisto why dont you make a video LUL fucking retard 2k17 fag

  18. Martyn

    Feb 24 Member

    ty for the 4 second video!

  19. ANTPhilip

    Feb 24 Member

    Hey, less is more.

  20. FedEx

    Feb 24 Member

    the only other streamer who uses a webcam besides me.

  21. @Ishtli Can we have any words from you (?)

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