GvG for beginners - Teaching project

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    Casual Scrim Saturday

    We will be starting after the C-AT ends, keep an eye on Tolkano to see if its a 3 or 4 round AT.

    When: Unknown
    Meet: TBA
    Builds: TBA (Banned: Wastrels / Zurrie Dervs)
    Flux: Amateur Hour (Skills from your secondary profession deal 30% more damage to foes with that primary profession)
    Map: TBA
    Organisers: TBA

    Teaching Sunday

    When: Sun, April 9th after the AT C.
    Meet: Guild [chmp]. PM Sistrens Ftw for a guest invite (*)
    Builds: TBA, potentially decided by the Team leader - no bans.
    Flux: There Can Only Be One (+30% damage to enemies of the same primary profession).
    Map: Uncharted Isle, could change to something that is in the current rotation.

    (*): I have added players who have recently been active during ATs to a friendlist. Expect PMs from "Teaching Scrims Sun" around AT times for the upcoming days to remind you of Teaching Scrims. I will also PM you the day of Teaching Scrims, obviously. Sorry if it annoys you; if you don't wanna be pmmed you can just reply when you get a PM or tell me here and I will take you out of FL.

    Note: Scrimmages are usually held after C ATs on Saturdays and Sundays weekly.

    For 1st Time Attendees:
    GvG Basics Overview
    Recent Sessions with Commentary

    You can also join our Facebook group to stay tuned.


    Since the GvG scene has been getting a bit less active lately, many players from the GvG scene have decided it is time that we should do something about this and make GvG more active. To accomplish this, we need to get more people interested in playing GvG. Since the gap between current playing teams and completely new teams is way too big, it will be necessary to teach the new players as much as we can to even up the playing field. The easiest way to do this is to talk with as many interested players as possible at designated times and to have organized scrimmages sessions where both experienced players and new players are mixed together into teams.


    In order to accomplish this, we need to reach out to all the players left in the game, be it PvEer or casual PvPer and to make a list of IGNs of players that we can contact who are actually interested in making this happen.

    The plan

    We have already had a couple of very successful scrimmage sessions that both the new players and the more experienced players enjoyed (please check out the archived videos we made of the sessions at the bottom of this post). So far the scrimmage sessions have been during/after euro C-AT hours, but we are hoping to also get enough people interested so we can perhaps also make American A-At hours active again.
    We are also starting a mentor program, if interested have a look at the Mentor program thread. We are also opening up a new section on this forum dedicated to the scrims. If you want to have access to that, leave a message here or in the Mentor program thread, so we can add you.


    Ska (Ska La)
    Momo (Wong Tai Li)
    Louise (Leila Of Langlar)
    Jorn (Mini Jorn)
    Athos (Daily Torment)
    Shisha (Strange Shisha)
    Killing (Sightless Faith)

    Any questions regarding this project(scrims) you can pm one of us.


    Archived videos of previous sessions:
    Look for Teaching Scrim (ctrl+f)

  2. Luv

    11 Oct 2015 Member

    It's happening guys! :D
    Godly and I are streaming the games : http://www.twitch.tv/luvlv/ , http://www.twitch.tv/koodikoira/

  3. Reed

    11 Oct 2015 Member

    Also :(


  4. holye

    11 Oct 2015 Moderator

    Amazing experience. Please come out as much as you can guys!

  5. THANKS !!!!!!

    Hope we will do more !!

  6. I think we had a great turnout and everyone had a good experience. We managed to get 5 scrimmages in with sometimes having almost 3 full teams ready to go.

    The next scrimmage time will be Wednesday 14th of October starting 1h after the start time of the AT (Check Tolkano for the actual time this is for you).

  7. Godly

    11 Oct 2015 Administrator
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    Uploading vod to youtube atm. Also I bet most of top players had lots of fun doing this. Good job everyone!


    Edit, done uploading.

  8. Thank you guys, it was a blast !

  9. Ali

    11 Oct 2015 Member

    Was shocked to find like 25 people there haha

  10. It was a blast! Thanks all for coming and for doing it possible. Always good to play with friendly and nice people. See you on the next!

  11. butters

    11 Oct 2015 Moderator

    Amazing turnout today, 3 full teams with such little promotion, I hope to see even more at each session.

  12. the C-at is too early for me to attend as it's about 7am my time and i start work at 8.
    It's fantastic to see so many people turn out and hope it continues!

  13. Amazing stuff, good work everyone!

  14. Godly

    11 Oct 2015 Administrator

    @Silico the C-at is too early for me to attend as it's about 7am my time and i start work at 8.
    It's fantastic to see so many people turn out and hope it continues!

    We will have these for American hours too, lets see after Wednesday one. Perhaps @ Sunday, because monthly will be at this Saturday.

    Ps. I added link to vod from yesterday.

  15. holye

    11 Oct 2015 Moderator
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    Hey, if you scrimmed, I'd encourage you to check out the scrimmage streams (they're really good). It's really cool to hear and watch yourself in the matches. I'd recommend watching the matches for the comebacks!

  16. Great seeing the success of this. Makes me nostalgic over the days it was like this with hundreds of games going on.

  17. shout-out to you guys! stream looked and sounded interesting.
    makes me nostalgic toooo and at the same time a little sad that old times with ladder and so many teams cant be brought back. just yesterday saw that my oldest character turned 10 years. wtf.

    still best game. keep it up ;)

  18. Godly

    12 Oct 2015 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by Godly

    Also as reminder, if you're interested in scrimmages either as teacher or learner, sign up at first spreadsheet. Also everyone who can attend to next scrimmages at Wednesday, please sign up at second spreadsheet. Would help organising next event a lot.

    Oh and any feedback is always welcome.

  19. thanks everyone for the support, cant believe so many people showed up!
    I am the guild leader of Gz and if you're reading this and need a guild feel free to pm me ingame P A N D E or on my alt account Kurzick Sentinel. Also if you're reading this and you still havent made a new teamquitter account I'd suggest making one asap because it will make it a lot easier for everyone
    Lets keep up the good work!

  20. Hey Guys! First of all: Tyvm for organazing this and thx to Janni making this new forum :)
    I would like to support your work feel free to pm me ing (I M Town I) incase you have to get any team filled up!

    M Town

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