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    2 Mar 2016 Moderator
    Edited last year by TheNap

    caution! pretends to be german but is actually french!

  3. I thought he is Lirik, sounds exactly same!

  4. @Luv Last guild: sG

    Lies, Last guild: rSTD.

    Anyhow, you could join [rook], I can't mAT this month.

  5. Edited last year by Luv

    Oops yeah, my b!
    Last guild and position: bot mesmer in rSTD with, although a very short playtime, noticeable feats achieved such as cancelling rupts, numerous 180s, 360s, backflips and other fancy ice-skating tricks while PI-ing monks (hi zurrie recruit me)

    PS: I can call tactics too, since my actual playing is mostly done by a third party programme

  6. GL Bud

  7. holye

    2 Mar 2016 Moderator

    Gl Luv!

  8. Gl Flying Carlos! Ty for all the tips

  9. Thanks guys!

  10. Do you even bot?

  11. Found I guess lol

  12. [deleted]

    9 Mar 2016

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  13. Edited last year by [deleted]

    good player speaks english well

  14. 7 months ago


    25 Feb 2017 Member

    Lf guild as non-rupt midline or any backline position. Can't play anything else well cuz Mac + student corridor connection
    Last guild: yolo

  15. Godly

    25 Feb 2017 Administrator

    French that doesn't sound French, very weird.

  16. Luv

    25 Feb 2017 Member

    Not french anymore tho

  17. Lemstar

    25 Feb 2017 Administrator

    macs LUL

  18. Honk

    25 Feb 2017 Member

    why the fuck are you using a mac

  19. mac in 2k17 MEGA LUL

  20. Not french LUL

  21. being french in 2k17 lul


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