Random Arenas - General discussion

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    7 Mar 2016 Administrator
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    General discussion for Random Arenas.

    As I mentioned in other thread making this one. Purpose of thread? Obviously about RA.
    Well anyways, as said anything about RA. If someone is botting, you can mentioned about it here or w/e you want to share. Normal QQ rules.

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    'stop botting' infamous botter in RA anyone who has video or screens please upload of this guy!

    *he needs to be destroyed*

  3. Ian The Lovable is a notorious botter in RA. He also bots FA, JQ, GvG, and other PvP things too. You never see him in DA or SA, as you can't use Mesmer or Ranger bots there

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    18 Dec 2016 Administrator

    Didn't remember I made this thread while back, bump for new RA section(+ sticky). Also I will move some old RA threads in this section starting today.


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