Rainy (prot) LF Guild

  1. last year
    Edited last year by Rainy

    Hi, looking to prot somewhere for AT and mAT. '

    Doubt this gets too many hits since I stay out of the public eye and tend to be inactive for long periods of time, but I've been playing Guild Wars since the beginning. Give me a home and a fair shot, and I'll make your wildest dreams come true.

    IGN: Andalusian Dog
    Rainy Izlekuva

  2. decent prot gl

  3. Ali

    31 Mar 2016 Member

    Gl rainy son

  4. Now that's a face I haven't seen in a while.
    Wb Rainy, and best of luck!
    (if possible, stay clear from zura's guild this time)

  5. gl rainbow ;)

  6. yo talk to brett. we can figure something out im sure.

  7. Great guy.

  8. all around good guy and top player. probably wont log in for mAT though

  9. @Adaptzz all around good guy and top player. probably wont log in for mAT though


  10. @Adaptzz probably wont log in for mAT though


    Thanks Adaptz <3.

  11. rainy is such a babe

  12. Jew List.

  13. 8 months ago
    Edited 8 months ago by Rainy

    Up. Looking like I can play this month. Will likely be rusty for the next week or so.

  14. gl broski hope u find somewhere nice

  15. Ali

    24 Feb 2017 Member

    Good luck from me and also from @Nick

  16. Mister Rainy it's two-thousand-seventeen I'm hoping to see you with a gold cape next month

  17. worst player ing cant win without bots

  18. gl rainy, awesome monk, good addition for any guild

  19. Not a good prot but if you need a tiresome guy able to write boring earfuls which nobody care about then its your man

  20. Godly

    24 Feb 2017 Administrator

    I like Rainy, gl!

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