2016 April Monthly

  1. last year


    16 Apr 2016 Administrator

    No clue who's even playing and rumors say it's ddos season again? Finals on Wurms, discuss. (ps. Lem is useless)

  2. would be nice to see some streams this month too.

  3. Godly

    16 Apr 2016 Administrator

    I will stream Ns games.

  4. How's the rum godly?

  5. Godly

    16 Apr 2016 Administrator

    2 bottles, just in case.

  6. Not playing, but i will use my App when finals Start!
    Gl ali axaxaxax

    Just Jokin
    Hf all :*

  7. games ded everyone sucks why waste time

  8. Divine Nine

    16 Apr 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by Divine Nine

    Why are people botting and ddosing? I would honestly love to hear a serious response from someone who does it. Is it fun? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Not mad cuz idc - just curious.

  9. Tried asking those questions before. Never got a legit/an actual answer.

  10. EDGE too good gg

  11. Lemstar

    16 Apr 2016 Administrator


  12. butters

    16 Apr 2016 Moderator

    gg dc's, the greatest enemy

  13. butters

    16 Apr 2016 Moderator

    qq hasnt had much drama lateley so here it is holy shit THE fuckin sucks so much dick french shit ass wtf?? like average 1 death per minute howd u get to finals holy shit, barbies cool but rest suck dick

  14. Congrats to The Hateful Eight [THE]
    Don't listen to the haters

  15. Ali

    16 Apr 2016 Member

    Gz THE but we all know how it would have turned out without these mysterious lags

  16. Maco

    16 Apr 2016 Member

    Congratz [THE]!

  17. As A complete Noob who watched the whole mat today i must say some games where funny af :D. I mean QQ lost to HDHR in Swiss in a WTF HAPPEND way. Then the Clown Fiesta HDHR vs EDGE. Schelle Alter playing the whole mat the same build and still made it to semi. I should learn GvG on a high lvl as fast as possible couz i don´t wanna miss the next clown fiesta maT. Congratz to THE and peace out.

    regards from a Noob

  18. You'd fucking think everyone in HD is the father of 30 illegitimate kids with the way we don't understand how to pull out.

  19. did you guys wear protection sam? heh

  20. gratz to my fav frenchie lemmmmmmmm on winning gold :) <3

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