I Hate Finnish Itters [FkNs] lf guildmates

  1. last year


    18 Apr 2016 Member

    Hey guys I've formed a guild in hopes of finding more like-minded individuals that absolutely despise a certain unnamed guild. We need basically everything so if you would like to play with us please leave a message or pm me in game thanks

  2. Best guildname 2016, most of luck.

  3. Ali

    19 Apr 2016 Member

    Has a beard like a gorillas armpit and untamed hair that you could deep fry potato chips in. If a leader can't look after himself, how can he look after you?

    Approach with caution.

  4. but will there be fun?

  5. Godly

    19 Apr 2016 Administrator

    I apply, pm me. Ign: A Girl Named Lucky

  6. Maik

    19 Apr 2016 Member

    probably more pathetic than EDGE vs HDHR

  7. Honk

    19 Apr 2016 Member

    People who get soloed 20 times in a game not invited

  8. i apply

  9. Honk

    20 Apr 2016 Member


  10. hey mr honkadonk

  11. Honk

    24 Apr 2016 Member

    bump need flagger

  12. i apply

  13. Honk

    26 Apr 2016 Member

    u dont flag

  14. Godly

    26 Apr 2016 Administrator

    You can flag honk.

  15. @Godly You can flag honk.

    ill flag, I'm a gold cape flag runner.

  16. sync

    27 Apr 2016 Member
    Edited last year by sync

    After watching QQ vs Euro I think you all 3 should frontline. Doing Work!

  17. Honk

    28 Apr 2016 Member

    ty (:

  18. Triple deepwound ! Oh wait ...wrong team

  19. Luv

    28 Apr 2016 Member

    I apply


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