Evil Split Team [Euro]

  1. last year
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    Hi Elly has taking over this guild so far we have Ace, Elly, Chris (Mes), Beware and Andi I think they plan on joining so we need few other good players to help us rebuild in here should be fun!!! PM Elly On Frenzy or Dirty Spikes or Beware Wittle Boy for invites!

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  3. i might come play what do you still need?

  4. Good luck americans


  5. holye

    25 Apr 2016 Moderator


    Best of luck and success!

  6. Deleted last year by Dirty Spikes
  7. good luck friendly&chill guys

  8. Bump LF players that have EXP in gvg PLEASE!

  9. Bump we need few players! for MAT for sure!

  10. Bump EURO Reform!!!!! need few more good peeps!!!!!!

  11. jack

    29 Jun 2016 Member



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