Its fool time lf front / mid

  1. last year
    Edited last year by Maverick

    Hey !

    We are looking for 1 Frontliner and 1 midliner/frontliner

    pm me here or ign Ma Ve Ri Ck

  2. Must be comfortable playing with the people you hate as we all hate each other. Just an FYI ^.^

  3. You guys still looking for players? You play eu or us timezone?
    I posted topic yesterday here, if you are interested pm me in game Smash Technique.

  4. we also need a prot for the mat

  5. best of luck MAT day ;)

  6. you will log on one day and be demoted and no one will say shit to you then they will reform guild and repeat but over all good players until rage happens PS Beware can't dunk and eat shit Tape! Love you Mav!

  7. bumperoni


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