Stop raging

  1. last year

    Yo folks,

    People in RA should stop raging about me botting,

    I've never botted, yes never. Even during this flux im going honor rupt build and people hate on me, gtfo.

    So really i've never botted please stop raging and stop making others go against me because of simple rage.
    I don' t play that much anymore so i do not really care about the reports but I do care about the rage towards my guildies for no reason.
    I recruited guildies that are actually good at rupting deal with it, no bots, just skill.
    thank you, that was all ^^

  2. Lemstar

    2 Jun 2016 Administrator


  3. We don't even know who you are bro! name please

  4. Edited last year by Lam3rz

    People in RA rage just about everything. They even call you a bot if you play monk or war. Some RA players really have issues...

  5. @madian Yo folks,

    someone said I botted in RA I'm so proud of it i gotta make a forum post about it for maximum guild wars exposure!! but i don't actually bot I'm just good hahah look at me



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