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    We are currently looking for 1 frontliner (Also able to play Mid : Eley, Necro, Split..Etc) and Ranger/Mes (Please have exp playing ranger this is a must) and a Flagger because starshine only shows up for like 1 AT a month and we need someone who is more active. Please be able to do 3-4 C ATs a week and saturday or sunday C AT. Be vocal and want to grow as a team. We are trying to form a solid team that wants to get a loyal crew together! Thanks just PM the following names in game or me on here : Dirty Spikes / Holye Prot / Giggler Mes / Daddy T A B

    Thanks again! GL

  2. holye

    20 Oct 2015 Moderator

    Hi guys!

    We'd love to hear from someone!

  3. Update: we have Rangers now! Thanks to Floor and Zaira!!

    Still Looking for Flag and front!

    Thanks GL!

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  5. Thanks Sebi!

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  7. haha you can guest with us anytime!

  8. jack

    21 Oct 2015 Member

    GL bois

  9. GL holye cool&chill guy.

  10. holye

    21 Oct 2015 Moderator

    Thank you buddies! Best of luck in your guild wars adventures!

  11. well floor left so I guess we need Ranger and Mes again HELLO?!?!? please want to OBs games and work to get better we are a very srs guild with goals please understand that.

  12. Still Looking for players we will C AT today if guilds eve plan on playing today!

  13. So Still in need of a active Ranger and Mes please let us know if you have friends that are LF guild for 3-4 C ATs a week !!

  14. Still Looking!

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  16. LF Active : Mes : Ranger : Derv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Edited 2 years ago by Dirty Spikes

    Gonna try again we only have 4-5 active players the following roles needed are 1 Frontliner (Able to play Midline role please) 1 Mes/Ranger 1 Midliner (able to play Necro, Eley,Mes). Hope to hear from some players we are taking our guild serious and want to make progress as a team! And Exp is kind of a must and I understand I can't be to picky but I will accept tryouts if thats something you are interested in doing. I want to find someone who can mesh with our play styles Mine, Holye, Tab, Starshine Looking forward to hearing from ya peeps!

    IGN names to PM : Dirty Spikes / Holye Prot / Giggler Mes / Daddy T A B

  18. Good luck guys!

  19. Thanks Z!

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    I would love to play GvG again, i was active in the gvg scene about 2 years ago.
    I was officer for a while in [lagg] , and i played war, derv and ele. But mainly warrior.
    I called spikes end ran flag as derv, i'm probably a bit rusty but no dought i will get it down after a short while.

    IRL im a 21 year old male, and im able to use ts/skype or whatever.
    Hope to hear back from you.

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